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Dental Health

Dental health is not about how many times you visit your dentist. Dentists do not cause dental health. All a dentist can do is monitor how your dental health is progressing. Dental health refers to the condition of your teeth and gums. If your teeth do not develop new cavities, then your teeth are healthy. If your gums are firm, and pink, and do not bleed, and do not have deep pockets, then your gums are healthy. Typically as we age our dental health decreases. Our gum pockets get bigger and tooth cavities increase. Slowly over time dental health decreases, more teeth are affected with tooth decay, and finally An overview of obtaining oral health from

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A dentist is a doctor of dental surgery. A dentist cannot create dental health for you. All they can do is try to patch up the result of poor dental health by performing surgery on your teeth or gums.

To have excellent oral health requires a good diet. Did you know that you can heal and prevent tooth decay.

To understand what makes a tooth healthy, you can look at the anatomy of a tooth to see that each tooth carries blood and lymph fluid. These fluids control the remineralization process.

Dentists and state officials think that fluoride contributes to dental health. But they are mistaken. Fluoride causes dental fluorosis, which is when fluoride damages teeth.

To have good oral health means having filling materials that are compatible with your body. Did you know that the health of your teeth might be compromised by poisonous mercury fillings?

Root canals usually are unnecessary and you should attempt to avoid them for a less invasive treatment. Root canals might decrease your level of dental health. Having many root canalled teeth is a sign that your oral health is not very good.

Your baby can have good dental health not by good mouth hygiene, but by preventing baby tooth decay with a whole foods diet.

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Most importantly, when learning about your oral health, have fun. Take your time, and be patient. Much about what I write involves a new perspective on dental health.

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