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(III) The controlling Factors for Immunity Can Be Shown To Be In The Saliva and Can be Traced From Plants to Animal Tissues and Sera.

This article was written by Weston Price.

Typical dental caries has never been produced without the presence of saliva and even crowns of teeth attached to artificial dentures may be attacked by typical tooth decay in susceptible mouths. No teeth have been made dirty enough to induce typical tooth decay outside the mouth. Active caries promptly ceases with death. While the aciduric bacteria play a role, their action is rigidly controlled by the saliva, which provides the environment for the teeth. This control has been shown by me to be associated with the behavior of the inorganic phosphorus in its relation to adsorbents such as the structures of the tooth.

One phase of this is disclosed by shaking finely powdered dry bone in a sample of the saliva and noting its effect on the inorganic phosphorus level as compared with the untreated sample. In cases of high immunity the effect of the powdered bone is to markedly lower the reading of inorganic phosphorus. In cases of lost

immunity or active dental caries, this reduction of inorganic phosphorus is greatly lessened or in very severe cases is increased and will follow the changes in immunity or susceptibility and vice versa as produced clinically. This is typically illustrated in a mission experimental group, as shown in Fig. 9. This shows the progressive effect

produced by providing one meal a day in which mineral-carrying foods and fat-soluble activators were reinforced. It will be seen that an average change in the level of the inorganic phosphorus of the saliva progressed from a plus 2.48 to a minus 11.7.

In a group of eighty-two individuals suffering from active dental caries who received reinforcement of the mineral and activator-providing foods, in all of whom there was complete control of the dental caries, there was a shift in the percentage of the inorganic phosphorus of the saliva when shaken with powdered bone, from an average of plus 8.4 to minus 11.2. This is shown in Fig. 10. In a group of 119 individuals, including both severe and mild cases of active caries, the percentage change was from an average of plus 5 to a minus 12 as the result of reinforcing the nutrition.

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Further evidence that this effect is due to the activating substances added to the nutrition is indicated by the changing of the chemical characteristic of the saliva of individuals suffering from rampant tooth decay and showing a plus reading by shaking the saliva for a few minutes with an activating substance, such as a high-vitamin butter oil or a high-vitamin animal fat, then separating them and noting the effect of this procedure on the inorganic phosphorus when the saliva is shaken with finely powdered bone.

Twenty-seven salivas with a plus reading changed when treated from an average of plus 9.7 to a minus 6.1.

Many additional data are available which space does not permit including.

The route of the activating substances can now be traced from their original formation in the tissues of plants through the plant and animal foods to the blood and saliva and various tissues and fluids of the body. In the light of newer knowledge, some enzymes which are organic catalysts are directly formed from some of the vitamins. The vitamins in this very direct way influence and control function. These plant pigments that act as precursors of the vitamins included, according to Willstatter, Kuhn and Gyorgy, the carotenes, glycogens and flavines, of which several have been isolated. The carotenes have been termed fat-soluble, or lipochromes, and the flavines, water-soluble or lyochromes. These pigments are very widely distributed in plant and animal tissues and give evidence of being directly related to radiation. When crystallized, the flavines concentrated from the milk have proved to be the most active growth-promoting substances as yet obtained. Evidence has been developed relating the vitamins directly to the organic catalysts or enzymes by several workers, including Kuhn and associates and Purr.

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