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Dental Fear: Never Fear the Dentist Again

Many people are afraid of the dentist and there is a good reason why. Their bodies are giving them a strong message, through the feelings of fear and avoidance. “Do not drill another hole in my teeth!”

Why People Are Afraid of Conventional Dentistry

Modern dentistry is a profound failure. The enormity of suffering and disease caused by dentistry is so massive that it is beyond comprehension. Dentistry is built on the false premise that bacteria cause cavities. Its treatment methods of drilling and filling are highly damaging to teeth. The materials used in dentistry are extremely toxic and have been connected to diseases that are severe, painful and widespread. Conventional dentistry has placed highly poisonous mercury in the mouths of hundreds of millions of people. The mercury exposure of dentists and suffering caused by dentistry explains in part why dentists have one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. Tens of millions of needless root canals have been performed. Modern dentistry has drilled deeply into healthy parts of millions of teeth because of the failed treatment policy of “extension for prevention.” It has caused irreversible pulp damage in millions of tooth nerves with drills that spin too fast. The profit-motivated system of dentistry has led to tens of millions of needless dental procedures. Modern dentistry has poisoned tens of millions of children by promoting the topical and internal use of the unproven poison fluoride. And dentistry has in some cases killed innocent children slowly from the side effects of dental surgery, from swallowing fluoride, and from deadly side effects of disease-inciting metals implanted in children’s mouths. If this dental massacre had any benefits to show then perhaps it could be exonerated. But it does not. After the age of sixty, the average individual has more than half of their teeth affected by tooth decay. And after this age, the average person has lost more than eight teeth, not including the wisdom teeth.

Carrying Around Dental Trauma

Many of us are literally carrying around dental trauma as mercury fillings from this war on bacteria. I myself am also a victim. I had seven mercury-based fillings placed during my teenage years. None of these teeth ever hurt me prior to their butchery by the dental drill. During a check-up large holes were drilled unnecessarily into my teeth because of some tiny specks that appeared on an x-ray. Each one of those teeth is now permanently and irrevocably damaged from the excavations of the dental drill.

In light of all this, when people are hesitant to go to the dentist, or are afraid of the dentist, I am not surprised. How could you not be afraid of the dentist?

The book Cure Tooth Decay teaches you how to stop cavities fast. It empowers you to find healthier dental treatments when medically needed. No drilling, means no more fear of the dentist.

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