See significant healing with: tooth decay, teeth requiring root canals, and tooth pain naturally. Begin with your next meal.

Whether you are an adult struggling with tooth decay, a parent of a young child with cavities, a pregnant mom, the book Cure Tooth Decay will provide you with information, resources and tools to immediately slow down, stop and/or remineralize your cavities.

Cure Tooth Decay is the result of five years of research and trial and error. Many people have reported positive results from applying the highly potent tooth remineralization guidelines in this book. You too can hope to achieve the following:


• avoid root canals by healing your teeth
• stop cavities—sometimes instantaneously
• regrow secondary dentin
• form new tooth enamel
• avoid or minimize gum loss
• heal and repair tooth infections
• only use dental treatments when medically necessary
• save your mouth from thousands of dollars of unnecessary dental procedures
• increase your overall health and vitality.

About Ramiel Nagel, Author of Cure Tooth Decay

Health Author Rami NagelWhen my daughter's teeth started to decay I felt helpless against this seemingly unstoppable force. Once my family discovered a program that worked, I felt compelled to bring this knowledge out into the world. To me I felt like I would be making a grave error if I did not do my best to share what really works for stopping tooth decay. Now after five years of research and trial and error, I can bring you highly effective, yet simple methods to stop tooth decay quickly.


Thank you for your interest and support.
Ramiel Nagel, author Cure Tooth Decay


Cure Tooth Decay Book Table of Contents

  1. Dentistry’s Inability to Cure Cavities
    Dentists are fighting a losing war against bacteria, the battleground is your mouth, and in the process you lose healthy tooth structure, and money.
  2. Dentist Weston Price Discovers the Cure
    Chief researcher for the National Dental Association Weston Price discovers the cure for cavities. Learn about his fascinating findings.
  3. Make Your Teeth Strong with Fat-Soluble Vitamins
    Vital vitamins are absent from most people's diets, so their teeth decay and their gums recede. Learn how to add those vitamins back into your diet to achieve remarkable tooth remineralization.
  4. Remineralize Your Teeth with Wise Food Choices
    Have you ever wondered if what you are eating might be causing your teeth to decay? Here you will get clear information on which foods cause tooth decay, and which foods stop it.
  5. Nutrition Protocols that Remineralize and Repair Cavities
    Learn how to implement a diet that feels good to eat, and aligns with your belief systems. There are clear dietary plans that cater to a normal diet, as well as plans that are flexible for special diets including: busy people, vegetarians, primal raw food eaters, and advanced traditional food eaters.
  6. Stop Cavities with Your Next Meal Recipes and Meal Plans
    By popular demand, an entire chapter than includes meal ideas, meal plans, and a handful of delicious recipes including the famous, tooth-building eggnog smoothie, and the ancient ayurvedic remineralizing green drink.
  7. Healthy Gums Lead to Healthy Teeth
    90% of the population has gum disease, and most people are not aware that it affects both tooth health and overall health. The mystery of gum disease is finally unlocked. A clear plan to stop and reverse the progress of gum disease for mild to moderate cases.
  8. Dentistry and its High Price
    There is a real good reason why people are afraid of the dentist. Learn how to avoid toxic dentistry, make excellent choices for dental treatments including root canals. Learn about how cavities and root canals are commonly misdiagnosed and how to protect yourself from this problem.
  9. Your Bite: A Hidden Cause of Cavities, A Fresh Look at Orthodontics and TMJ
    The cause of cavities, tooth infections, and poor health might be literally, right under your nose. The exciting field of orthopedic orthodontics may have the answers to unexplained health problems. Also learn how you can keep your wisdom teeth and straighten your teeth without braces while improving your facial structure and health.
  10. Your Teeth Can Heal Naturally!
    Several photographs remove any shades of doubt or despair; yes your teeth can remineralize and protect themselves!
  11. Bonus Chapter! Remineralize and Repair Your Child’s Tooth Cavities Naturally
    Did you know that drilling and filling your baby's teeth is a scientifically proven treatment for children's cavities? A reasonable alternative exists to paying for expensive surgery for your child affected with cavities. Bonus sections on preventing cavities in children, and healing adult and children's cavities while continuing to breastfeed.

Cure Tooth Decay Reader Testimonial

Professionally Published Book
New Edition Released 11/2010
252 Pages

Cure Tooth Decay

I had several very painful cavities postpartum (after having twins) that kept me up all night in pain and made it so I could barely eat... After following the advice in this book accurately my tooth pain subsided within 24 hours and no longer hurt at all, my teeth also look nicer and my gums no longer bleed and are a nice pink color. - J. Steuernol, Canada

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"This book belongs in every American household, and especially in every single dentist's office in this country!"

Ilona, Health Practitioner


"This book gave me the insights I needed when I was in tremendous pain and fear because of a dental crisis."

Teresa Ann Foxworthy


"The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities."

Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S., President, Holistic Dental Association

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Book Testimonials

  • This book belongs in every American household, and especially in every single dentist's office in this country!

    Ilona, Health Practitioner

  • The bottom line is, it works for me. Thank you.

    Stacy M.

  • I've been following many of your recommendations as best as I can ever since, and I do feel that my teeth and health have both improved substantially.


  • My teeth have actually re-enameled over the brown spots quite a bit - I definitely have had regrowth.

    E. Cohen

  • Nagel's book is admirable for its honesty, clarity and inspirational power, and deserves to be taken as the deeply valuable resource which it is.

    Joseph A. Marchello (Northfield, MA)

  • The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities.

    Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S., President, Holistic Dental Association

  • This book gave me the insights I needed when I was in tremendous pain and fear because of a dental crisis.

    Teresa Ann Foxworthy

  • I was just at a Weston Price Foundation potluck and a woman had healed substantial numbers of cavities thanks to your book.


  • If you want to avoid dentists and oral health problems for yourself or your children, and don't know whether brushing & toxic fluoride treatments will really do the trick (as we all know they haven't for most people), you need this book.


  • I must say it is fantastic!

    Olivier, United Kingdom

  • [Cure Tooth Decay] is a vehicle towards a higher good. It changes your perception of reality. It changes the reality.

    Ranko Medved, Croatia

  • The book has excellent information on the cause of decay and the effects of various commonly used dental treatments.

    S. Wallace

  • I do consider the book informative, inspiring and altogether helpful."

    Laura De Giorgio



  • I am reading your book as fast as I can, it is a real jaw-dropper!  Amazing! -

    S. Willis

  • Hope to be your most marveling testimony!


  • I just want to add a thank you to Rami for his hard work and dedication to writing this book.


  • Ramiel proposes practical life-changing choices that are worthwhile reading and definitely worth following.

    Arta Vakhshoori, D.D.S., California

    Cure Tooth Decay and tooth healing information has been