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Remineralize Baby Bottle Tooth Decay & Children's Cavities Naturally

You can halt baby bottle tooth decay in children and prevent needless dental surgery by utilizing special nutrition.

Baby bottle tooth decay, also known as early childhood caries, is the name for cavities which occur in young children. You may be surprised to hear that baby bottle tooth decay is not always caused by a baby sucking on a bottle and that early childhood caries has recently been on the rise. The term baby bottle refers to the fact that children who are put to bed with, or who suck too frequently on baby bottles filled with sweet substances like fruit juice, frequently develop tooth decay.

If your infant, child, or toddler is affected by tooth decay, it is important for you to know and understand what treatments are available, as well as their potential side effects.

Modern Dental Treatments for Early Childhood Caries

Modern dentistry does not offer very appealing treatments for our little ones. Conventional dentistry uses the following treatments on young children:

  • sedation
  • immobilization
  • chemicals
  • surgery

Dentists usually want to extract decayed baby teeth, and/or place metal crowns (which contain highly toxic aluminum). A new trend is to try to perform a root canal on a baby tooth. This is dentistry gone mad, with profits placed before patient care. The least invasive treatment offered for baby bottle cavities by dentists is usually fluoride. Fluoride is highly toxic, and even swalling a small amount can enough to kill a child. Water fluoridation has been scientifically linked to brain and kidney poisoning as well as to cancer. As a result, many parents do not want to put fluoride on their child's teeth.


I find it strange that the majority of treatments offered for baby tooth decay are poisonous and harmful. As a society I think we can do much better.

What You Can Do To Stop Baby Tooth Decay Naturally

Baby bottle tooth decay can be treated with dietary intervention. This will help you reduce or completely avoid the need for dental surgery for your little one.

Research since 1882 has demonstrated that cavities are not caused by bacteria. But rather, tooth decay is the result of an imbalanced environment within your child's body. Tooth decay is also the result of a lack of certain vitamins needed to build healthy phone. Building healthy bones requires the minerals calcium, phosphorus, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K.

Recent studies published in the Canadian Dental Journal and the British Dental Journal show that early childhood dental surgery (tooth drilling) does not stop tooth decay and it sometimes may not even stop tooth pain.

Why Dental Surgery Does not Work on Children

Dental surgery removes the symptom of tooth decay so you cannot see it. The small hole or discoloration identified as a cavity is removed by the dentist's drill. A toxic chemical (composite filling) or metal is then used to seal up part or your child's baby tooth. Yet this is simply a band-aid on the problem.

The excuse for drilling as opposed to nutritional intervention is the belief that tooth decay bacteria are somehow "caught" like you would catch a cold. That tooth decay is contagious from the parents, or a result of breastfeeding are unproven theories. People develop immunity to seasonal colds. They do not develop immunity to tooth decay as once they "catch" the cavities they do not simply go away after a short time with some rest and hot tea. Theories that tooth decay is contagious from the parents or a result of breastfeeding are therefore unproven.

What really causes cavities is the typical, wrongly -processed grain based diet that people are mistakenly feeding their children. This diet removes or does not provide enough of the tooth and bone building calcium and phosphorus. Over time, the baby teeth become weak.

By submitting to a dental treatment, you may temporarily stop your child's tooth pain in the best circumstances, but you do not address the fact that there is a lack of minerals causing your child's teeth to dissolve away.

Summary of Key Findings About Baby Bottle Tooth Decay / Infant Caries

  1. Tooth Decay is not caused by breast milk or prolonged breastfeeding
  2. Tooth Decay is not effectively prevented with fluoride
  3. Dental surgery will not cure it
  4. Dental surgery will not likely decrease pain in baby teeth
  5. Tooth Decay can be treated safely with nutrition(although badly decayed teeth may need extra help).
  6. Children's tooth decay is not genetic in the sense that it is caused by faulty DNA, but rather it is a result of heredity that is intercepted.
  7. After breastmilk, raw grassfed milk is excellent for baby teeth.
  8. Fermented Cod Liver oil reduces the rate of cavities in children.

How to Heal Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Without Dental Surgery

At the age of one, my daughter began suffering from severe cavities. I know what it is like to feel stress from a child suffering from tooth decay, because I have experienced it first hand.

For my daughter, her teeth started to decay so rapidly, that one of them just disintegrated and chipped apart in a matter of a few weeks time. Seven years later, using a whole foods nutritional program based upon ancient wisdom, my daughter has teeth that are now hard, and resilient. They no longer chip, she has abundant energy and is free of tooth pain and infection.

Here is a testimonial from Marina a mother from Canada who read my book Cure Tooth Decay.

When my 4 year old daughter's teeth began to have lots of tooth decay (for her age), we visited a few dentists and all of them were blaming me that I did not brush her teeth enough. But I did... Basically, they wanted to do dental anesthesia on her and repair all her cavities at once. My husband and I talked and decided not to put her through this. After all, she had no pain at all and her teeth did not bother her.

If you are discouraged and don't know what to do, get this book. I was very worried and upset about my daughter's teeth at first, but now I am actually very calm because I know I am doing the right thing.

9 months later:

The tooth decay is going well - it seems to have almost stopped, hopefully the new teeth come out very well.

Infant Tooth Decay and Breastfeeding

Many dentists or doctors suggest avoiding night time breastfeeding to help prevent tooth cavities. Yet the official position of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry actually supports night time feeding. Doctors and dentists who are recommending against night time breastfeeding are mistakenly imposing their own opinions.  Both the mother and child each benefit from the nurturing and nourishing practice of night time breastfeeding.

Nurturing your baby is an important part in preventing cavities because some toddlers who do not eat enough animal protein get cavities.

The Primary Cause of Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay has little or nothing to do with the baby sleeping with liquids in his or her mouth, or your tooth cleaning program. You have been taught that infant caries is caused by bacteria, but this theory has flaws. Furthermore, the treatment that the conventional dentist offers, drilling and filling teeth is not supported by the dental literature.

It has everything to do with the nutritional health of the mother and father before conception, the health of the mother during pregnancy, and the diet of the mother and child after birth. A diet filled with refined sugars, or a diet of low nutrient foods, will cause cavities in children.

A new problem facing parents is the raw plant foods diet. People do not realize that humans are not well designed for raw plant foods. Many vegetables require cooking to be digestible. Grains, nuts and seeds require careful preparation to remove anti-nutrients. A healthy child who eats a healthy whole foods diet can limit and, if done properly, prevent cavities in children.

How to Take The Next Step Towards Healing Childhood Tooth Decay

The published book Cure Tooth Decay has a special section which teaches parents how to remineralize their children's teeth. Taking the time to thoroughly read my book, will give you all the information you need to become your own tooth decay expert. You will know exactly why your child has cavities, and exactly what treatments are needed, and not needed. While I offer many free resources on this website, I urge you not to take your children's health for granted. Small changes in your offsprings diet will completely change the entire health of his or her body. This will effect not just their teeth, but their personality and overall health for the years to come.

I highly encourage you to read my book. Learn about a new way of treating children's tooth decay naturally.

Cure Tooth Decay

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