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Dental Health: How to Floss Your Teeth by Dental Hygienist

The content of this page is not by author of Cure Tooth Decay, Ramiel Nagel. This is a basic how to floss demonstration video, please enjoy.

Note: Be careful not to cut your gums during flossing.

Dental Floss Video Summary:

Dental hygienist: I am going to show you how to floss your teeth.

Dental hygienist: What you want to do is purchase floss that is going to be smooth.

Note: Dentist Robert Nara suggests Johnson and Johnson Dental tape.

Dental hygienist: Break off a foot long piece of floss.

Dental hygienist: There are a couple of different ways to floss.

Wrap the floss around your index finger two to three times.

Give yourself one half inch to one inch of space.

Dental hygienist: Place the floss between your teeth. Create a "C" effect with the floss.

Dental hygienist: Really focus on going in and down below the gum and then pulling up and out; then you want to do the exact same thing on the same tooth but on the opposite side. Place the floss down below the gum line. Continuously do that for your full mouth for every tooth.

Dental hygienist: Place the floss in around the tooth and down below the gum. You really want to focus down below the gum to clean the debris from there. You want to do that for all the teeth throughout your mouth. Then you will have better smelling breath.

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