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Sensitive Teeth

Tooth SensitivityTooth sensitivity is the result of tooth mineral loss. The are three key causes of tooth sensitivity and all of them can be controlled or reduced by a special diet:



  1. Dental work such as the replacement of old fillings, tooth crowns that are too high, and electrical currents caused by metal filling materials.
  2. Abrasion which can be caused by excessive tooth brushing, or by abrasives in tooth paste.
  3. Too many highly acidic foods like sour candies, citrus fruits, and soda can demineralize tooth enamel resulting in tooth sensitivity.

Let's examine these causes of tooth sensitivity.

Dental work leads to tooth sensitivity.

Usually sensitivity from dental work is temporary. It should be obvious why this is the case. Replacing an old filling can involve drilling away tooth enamel. The tooth feels pain because of this. In the case of dental crowns quite a bit of the tooth can get ground away. So it is as if your tooth has been injured. This can result in sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can also happen from dental work because dissimilar metals in the mouth can create an electrical charge. Many times filling materials are not biocompatible with the individual. This is an additional possible cause of tooth sensitivity after a dental treatment. If you have lingering tooth sensitivity after a dental treatment, don't just get the tooth redrilled. Try to change your diet to help your tooth remineralize. Also, consider getting acupuncture, chiropractic work, or cranial sacral therapy that can address the stress on the tooth. Sometimes teeth get rotated after dental work, because they are hiding or reacting to being drilled. Physically adjusting the tooth can help reduce or eliminate tooth pain and sensitivity.

Tooth Sensitivity From Abrasion

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by tooth paste. The reason is that tooth paste contains abrasive substances to help give the teeth an appearance of cleanliness. Tar tar control tooth paste can cause sensitivity because of the extra abrasive and chemical qualities meant to destroy tartar might also weaken tooth enamel. Frequent brushing with tooth paste is like frequently sanding down your teeth. If your tooth brush bristles are hard, and your brushing is vigorous, the tooth brush itself can slowly ware away the tooth enamel.

Sensitive Teeth From Acids

Acid on the teeth is not a primary cause of tooth decay or tooth sensitivity. Usually it is a secondary cause. First what is needed is for the tooth enamel to be weak from a poor diet. Drinking soda, loaded with sugar or the deadly high fructose corn syrup will lead to demineralization of your tooth. This happens both externally and internally. Giving your teeth frequent acid baths, with very sour foods can contribute to tooth sensitivity when your tooth enamel is not strong. Also GERD, acid reflux can slowly lead to external tooth sensitivity.

Reversing Tooth Sensitivity Naturally

The most effective way to reverse tooth sensitivity naturally is to address the internal and external causes. The external factors can be reduced or eliminated. If the cause of the sensitivity is dental work, then seek some alternative healing therapies for your teeth, as I have already mentioned. If the cause is abrasive tooth pastes, try holistic Dentals organic and wildcrafted tooth powder. If the sensitivity is caused by something acidic, like soda. Then avoid drinking soda.

The most effective method in eliminating tooth sensitivity is to change your diet. Good food can cause your teeth to harden and remineralize. The most effective and comprehensive way to learn how to remineralize your cavities naturally is with the book, Cure Tooth Decay.

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