Photographic Proof, Your Teeth can Remineralize

full remineralization of child's teeth

Rikki from Baton Rouge, Louisiana was generous enough to share her experience of her 18 month old son's teeth remineralizing. She wrote:

My son was 18 months old when we started the diet along with the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil... I have been amazed at his progress!

Many times when a parent brings a child with significant tooth demineralization which a dentist would describe as tooth decay, the dentist will recommend chemicals or even worse, drilling, filling and even crowns and root canals on baby teeth. None of this is really necessary as in a majority of cases children's teeth can quickly remineralize.

Foods That Caused Severe Tooth Decay

Before starting the program described in the book, Cure Tooth Decay Rikki's son was mostly breastfeeding as well as eating only an organic food diet that Rikki thought was adequate for her son. Her son's favorite foods were graham crackers and flax seed bread. He also ate organic granola bars regularly. The problem with store bought whole grain products is that they are loaded with anti-nutrients and grain toxins and they are not a good food for growing children. Rikki's son also ate fruits and vegetables and organic eggs. The eggs where not pasture fed, and she particularly avoided giving her son butter and milk. Butter and milk from grassfed cows particularly are healing and strengthening for teeth and bones. They also counteract some of the negative effects of grain toxins and anti-nutrients.

Foods That Remineralized this Child's Teeth

Rikki cut out grains and sugar's in her sons diet, this reduced the mineral depletion from the commercial grains and sugar.

She started giving him Green Pasture's Royal Blend which gave her son the needed fat-soluble vitamins to remineralize his teeth.

Her son now gets raw milk and raw milk cheese regularly along with fermented vegetables like pickles.

Their family now uses butter liberally, and makes soup with pasture raised chicken.

More Pictures of The Remineralization Process

Before Reading Cure Tooth Decay - unfortunately I don't have a control picture or the results probably would even be more striking. The first picture is after one week of following the guidelines in Cure Tooth Decay.

Tooth Remineralization Week 1

tooth remienralization week 1

Tooth Remineralization After 2 Weeks

baby tooth remineralization after 2 weeks

Tooth Remineralization After 4 Weeks

baby tooth remineralizing after 4 weeks of special food

Tooth Remineralization After 6 Weeks

baby tooth remineralization after 6 weeks

Tooth Remineralization after 8 Weeks

baby tooth remineralization after 8 weeks

Before and after comparison

full remineralization of child's teeth

Conclusion about Teeth Remineralizing

Tooth cavities happen usually because there is a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble minerals in our diet. This comes from eating the wrong types of foods and mineral deficient soils. Tooth decay is not caused by bacteria, and that is why brushing and flossing don't work too often to reverse tooth decay. Changing the mineral content of your blood by changing your diet and improving your mineral absorption will, in a high percentage of people, remineralize teeth.

The book Cure Tooth Decay teaches you the ins and outs of the remineralization process and how to navigate the treacherous waters of modern dentistry to avoid unnecessary dentistry and overdrilling .


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