Baby Boy Dies from Tooth Decay Surgery

On December 11, a 22 month old boy, Maddoux Cordova, died from complications during a dental procedure he underwent in San Antonio.

During the baby dental surgery, the toddler was given morphine. However the anesthesiologist says he gave a dose below what was expected.

"The child died from complications of a dental procedure, officials said. The office has ordered a toxicology report to further investigate Maddoux's death."

"Maddoux's mother, Monica Meza, said the toddler went home with his grandmother after the procedure and stopped breathing several hours later"


Wrongly Pointing the Finger at Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Full surgery is typically the advised treatment for young children, toddlers and babies with tooth decay. The reason is simple: that a baby or toddler won't sit still in a dental chair. In a typical pattern of baby bottle decay, there will be several teeth affected at once. The standard procedure to treat this is with full surgery.

Firstly, surgery and needless side effects could have been avoided if a careful dietary program was used.

Secondly, people want to point the finger at the anesthesiologist. However the child went home and seemed fine, and then stopped breathing later. To me it is likely that the boy was poisoned by the dental fillings. Typical children's dental fillings or caps / crowns contain metals that are dangerous to the body such as nickel and aluminum. Maddoux was likely allergic to these metals, and too many of them in his mouth caused a fatal reaction in his delicate body.

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