How do I find a good pediatric dentist or dentist for my toddler or child?

Q: Are there any good dentists around?

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A: Many parents have a difficult time finding a dentist they can trust for their children. Parents are better off working with a good dentist. However I understand that you may not find one that works well with your child and desires. I suggest that you take care of yourself and your child in a way you feel comfortable with. Put the best effort towards paying attention to your child’s tooth decay. If you have a dentist you have a relationship with then if there is an emergency or a tooth needs to be pulled for some reason, you will not have to be stressed out finding a dentist. There are some dentists who are self-confident. They trust themselves and as a result they do not pressure the parents to perform needless dental surgery. They do not rush you into decisions or manipulate you to submit to drastic dental procedures. Dentists can help support the monitoring of tooth decay to make sure it does not progress. This will help some parents feel better. I urge you to be cautious here, as many dentists offer harmful advice and treatments.

Good Child Dentist?

First, I want to acknowledge what a stressful and terrible situation many parents face with their dentist. Many mothers have contacted me, upset by the violent and aggressive attitudes that dentists have concerning treatment for children. Not all dentists are like this, but it seems very common.

In a majority of cases dentists whose focus is not on giving complete dental surgery for children will give you much better treatment than those whose income is based on doing full anesthesia surgery. Generally these are dentists who do not specialize in children’s dentistry.

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