Children's Dental Health

The common belief is that children's dental health is regulated by three factors:

  1. Teeth cleaning
  2. Taking your child to the dentist
  3. Fluoride supplements

I am not against options 1 or 2. If done with care they won't cause your child harm. Fluoride is a deadly poison and should never be given to children as supplements

These standard dental ideas and theories take us away from the real cause of cavities, and thus a real solution.

Cleaning teeth, dental visits, and chemicals are neither the cause of nor the cure for cavities. The real cure and cause lie within; it is primarily the food we eat, and how we live.

Many people don't see the cause and effect relationship between food and their children's teeth because they don't know what to look for.

More About Children's Dental Health

Your friend's children may not eat what you think is a good diet, and yet they are cavity free. Meanwhile you think you spend extra to feed your kids well, and they have cavities. Why might this happen?

It isn't because food does not affect your children's bodies, but because you have been misinformed as to how to think properly about food, diet, health, bones and teeth.

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