Why Do Infants' Teeth Decay?

Generation after generation native people lived, and produced healthy children and healthy adults, without any tooth decay.

Skulls with No Decayed Teeth
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With The Coming of Modern Civilization Comes Children's Tooth Decay

With the advent of modern technology, with its modern food and menacing drink, comes childhood tooth decay.

Modern foods include angel food cake, white bread, other white flour products; also, canned marmalades, canned vegetables, sweetened fruit juices, jams, confections of every type.

Modern foods also include pasteurized fruit juices and chemical concoctions known as infant formula. Many of these foods are laced with toxic chemicals.

Baby's Grow Rapidly

Especially during the ages of one to three years old, infants experience the fastest growth of their life proportionate to entire body size.

When the body grows rapidly, it needs an abundance of nutrients that are easily assimilated.

The problem is that our modern diet of commerce and our modern dietary theories deprive our children, and their nursing mothers, of the very vitamins and minerals that our bodies are designed to need and utilize.

A Cultural Tragedy

It is a tragic state in our culture, that about 27% of all children under the age of 5 have at one time been affected with tooth decay.

Tooth Decay Begins Before Conception

The seeds of infant cavities begins prior to conception, in the vitamin content and overall health of the seeds of the parents-to-be. Cure Tooth Decay describes special foods to eat, prior to conception, during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding that will help prevent early childhood cavities. It is nature's multivitamins, which come from whole foods and not synthetic manufactured pills.

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