Baby Teeth

The first teeth appear at around six months of age. They hold space in the mouth and jaw for the adult teeth. Baby teeth can get cavities if you are not careful what you feed your baby. It isn't just the sugar sticking to the teeth, but the quality of nutrients in the diet, and in the breastfeeding mother's diet.

Children's mouths are a sensitive portal for exploring the outer world. It is through the mouth that they experience pleasure, love and nurture.

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Baby Teeth Eruption Pattern

The teeth begin erupting at 6-8 months of age, and generally they continue to come in until 20-30 months of age. The front four teeth usually come in first, and the process continues until a total of 20 teeth are present.

Here you can see how the acid theory of tooth decay fails. Normally in children's decay, the top teeth decay, while the bottom ones, despite being exposed to the same mouth acid and bacteria for about the same amount of time, usually do not decay at all.

It is not until the age of 6-7 years old that the first adult teeth normally begin to come in.

Baby Teeth

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