Millions of Wisdom Teeth Removed Unnecessarily Each Year

A report by dentist Jay Friedman in the American Journal of Public Health reveals that 67 percent or more of preventative wisdom teeth removals are unnecessary. The article explains that most of the pain and illness surrounding wisdom teeth is not caused by the teeth themselves as one would expect, but rather the symptoms come from the surgery that removes the wisdom teeth. Of the approximately 10,000,000 wisdom teeth removed each year in the United States, less than 20 percent of extractions have proven medical indications which reference the requirement for extraction. (F1). In general, the preventative extraction of wisdom teeth has become a public health disaster and is a clear case of medically caused injury. Driven by lies, the wisdom tooth extraction industry has turned our mouths into a financial goldmine. It makes billions of dollars per year from performing these largely unnecessary surgeries.

Extracted Wisdom Teeth,
the Four Teeth on the Right are Healthy

Wisdom Teeth Removed Unecessarily

Wisdom tooth removal can be traumatic to the body. The typical side effects from extraction of wisdom teeth are: pain, swelling, bruising and a bad feeling. The site of wisdom teeth extractions can many years later become a site of cavitations, an area of bone decay within the jaw. This has to do with improper healing of the wisdom tooth extraction site.

The Faulty Thinking Behind Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The wisdom of our teeth is that Nature put them there for a reason (to chew our food well). Without wisdom teeth, we lose important biting surfaces. Lack of good biting and biting surfaces has been connected to poor health and mental impairments.  

The medical theory goes that wisdom teeth are only to be removed if there are clear symptoms indicating they are doing more harm than good. Yet this standard of care is rarely kept in practice. Rather, pain and infection are commonly used excuses to remove wisdom teeth when they erupt. However, in many cases, minor treatments to the gum tissue are sufficient to deal with these problems and the wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted. (F2).  When wisdom teeth show no symptoms, they do not need to be extracted out of the fear-based principle that there will be symptoms in the future.

Wisdom teeth are connected through acupuncture meridians to our small intestine and the front of our pituitary gland.  They are connected to our central nervous system through the trigeminal nerve, which explains why people can experience serious side effects from extracting wisdom teeth.

The Pain and Suffering of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Over the past 10 years, between 57,000 and 175,000 people have had permanent tingling, prickling or numbness caused by nerve damage from the extraction of wisdom teeth. (F3).  Some of these people experience frequent shooting pains in their head or face.

Because of the clear harm done by unnecessary wisdom tooth extraction, the British National Health Service has adopted the following policy,

The practice of prophylactic removal of pathology-free impacted third molars should be discontinued. There is no reliable evidence to support a health benefit to patients from the prophylactic removal of pathology-free impacted teeth.

Prophylactic removal refers to the preventative removal of wisdom teeth.

X-ray of Wisdom Tooth without Enough Space to Erupt

Wisdom Tooth Xray

Safe Alternatives To Wisdom Teeth Removal Do Exist

Most wisdom teeth can be left how they are. The research of Dentist Weston Price showed that wisdom teeth might not fit in the jaw because of improper growth and development of the jaw bones. This is a result of poor nutrition from both the mother and father at least three months prior to conception. Crooked wisdom teeth that do not properly erupt can be brought back into their normal growth patterns by using palate-expanding orthodontic appliances, and carefully placed orthodontic wires to guide the wisdom teeth into their correct position. This page gives resources to help find orthopedic orthodontists who can support this type of natural treatment.

Erupting third molars are not the main cause of tooth crowding because the teeth erupt in soft spongy interior tissue.

The millions of people who have their wisdom teeth permanently removed are victims of lies by the dental industry. Their mouths have been turned into profit centers. While surgeons get rich, people lose their teeth. In a large percentage of cases, the removal of wisdom teeth was and continues to be unnecessary.


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