Symptoms of Tooth Decay

Oh do you feel the pain? Pain is the number one symptom of tooth decay. In order for you to understand if you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay, it is important to understand what tooth decay is. Tooth decay is the result of loss of minerals in your teeth. Teeth are made of hard and soft bony tissue. The hardest tissue in your body is the outer layer of the tooth, the tooth enamel. In the picture below, the red arrow points to tooth enamel.

Tooth Cavity Illustration

When tooth enamel becomes weak due to the combination of external stresses like: biting, chewing, grinding, and harsh or abrasive substances and internal stresses caused by tooth demineralization then the result is a symptom of tooth decay.

Symptom - White Spots: White spots are symptoms of tooth demineralization (tooth decay)

Symptom - Brown Spots: Brown spots on your teeth could be stains, or they could be a symptom of tooth decay. Simply take a tooth pick and gently poke it into the brown spot. If the spot is soft and sticky, you have a small cavity.

Symptom - Black spots: Black spots are also likely a symptom of tooth decay, but there is a catch. Black spots may be remineralized tooth decay. Sort of like a scab on your tooth.

Symptom - Hot and Cold Sensitivity: Tooth decay is the result of a loss of minerals in teeth. The weaker tooth enamel (the outer layer of the tooth) and the weaker dentin (the middle layer of the tooth) lead to increased tooth nerve sensitivity. If you feel hot and cold sensitivity then your tooth is not fully mineralized. However some dentists might not call this a cavity if you don't actually have a hole visible from a visual examination or from an x-ray.

Symptom - tooth painful to the touch: A tooth surface may be painful to the touch because of compression forces or biting stress. While dentists will either ignore these, or say they are the result of bacteria (so called tooth decay,) they are usually the result of uneven biting forces. So dentally it is called tooth decay, but in reality, it is tooth enamel loss due to biting force. The biting forces that can cause tooth enamel loss are caused by an uneven bite, or by mercury or composite fillings whose surfaces are too shallow and lack peaks and valleys.

More Obvious Signs of Tooth Decay

The below pictures show more obvious signs of gross tooth decay.

The arrow below points to a large "smooth surface" point of tooth decay.

Large smooth surface decay

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Below the arrow points to a massive tooth cavity in a wisdom tooth.

Massive Tooth Cavity

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The obvious symptoms of larger cavities will be intense tooth pain, or a large hole in your tooth as seen in a visual inspection of your tooth.

What If My Dentist Says I Have A Cavity by I Am Not Experiencing Symptoms of Tooth Decay?

The dirty secret of dentistry is that many dentists will go after every tiny little speck they see on a patients tooth. The tiny enamel defects or weaknesses can sometimes be felt with a dental explorer (the poky metal thing). A dentist will also diagnose a cavity based on an x-ray of your teeth. Cavities on x-rays look like tiny specks, or they can be shadows. The problems with using x-rays is that they cannot show if a cavity has remineralized. And the cavities that are small shadows, might just be shadows. And lots of things in x-rays can cause shadows.

What to do if you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay?

If you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay, it means it is time for you to change your diet. Small enamel cavities can be watched, and not filled if you change your diet and remineralize your teeth. Are you tired of just going to the dentist and having your tooth drilled away every time you have a sign of tooth decay? Why not take a new approach. Learn the real cause of tooth cavities, and learn how to prevent them by changing the food you eat. Get the published book, Cure Tooth Decay now.

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