How To Monitor Tooth Decay with and without a Dentist

I encourage readers to monitor tooth decay with their dentist. While it is not necessary to work with a dentist if you would rather not, I do find that bringing the awareness and skills of a trusted dentist into the picture can greatly help you. When you monitor the progress of tooth decay carefully you can determine whether or not the dietary changes you have implemented are helping your teeth. If the dietary changes are not helping, you need to make more changes or consider dental surgery. Examining your teeth frequently helps you stay aware of the reality of your dental health. The programs in this book are not about just eating healthy food while remaining oblivious to the effectiveness of the protocol. This is about being mindful of your dental health and paying attention to any changes that might occur. Clear digital x-rays can show convincing documentation when tooth dentin is remineralizing.

Dentists check for tooth decay by examining x-rays and by using a tool called an explorer. With the explorer, the dentist probes for soft or sticky spots in the teeth. He also will check around the neck of the tooth for hidden root cavities. Unfortunately, while probing a tooth cavity with an explorer, the delicate/ decayed tooth matrix might break, thus promoting cavities.

More About Monitoring Tooth Decay at Home

There are various methods for you to monitor your tooth remineralization, and people have employed different strategies. One way to monitor your tooth decay is to eat a small amount of certain foods, or drink hot or cold water, that typically cause tooth pain. Another is to press your teeth in various spots with your fingernail.

If you want to be more precise, you can purchase a dental explorer at the local drug store and use it carefully in the same way a dentist would. If you feel a soft spot or experience tooth pain while using the dental explorer, then you have tooth decay.

Decayed spots are usually slightly sticky or feel like rotten wood. Some dentists offer a saliva test to determine if tooth decay is active. Using these tests, you can check and monitor the progress of your dietary changes, watching to see whether or not your tooth is getting harder.

I also encourage you to do a visual inspection of your teeth. You can accomplish this by using an efficient light and the bathroom mirror. A small dental mirror can also be useful for inspecting your teeth from different angles. A visual inspection can help you determine if your teeth are healthy. Take a digital photograph of your teeth if possible, and label them for comparison. You are to be responsible for monitoring your dental health. I support active participation in your dental recovery program. I do not encourage excessive x-rays because of the dangers of radiation exposure. Digital x-rays emit less radiation than conventional ones, but they still emit some. By checking your progress, you will be able to determine whether or not the diet you are following is working and you will be able to catch a problem before it becomes worse.

Again, I do not endorse avoiding dentists. But if you are without a dentist, this page will hopefully help you take better care of your teeth.

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