Is Cod Liver Oil Toxic for Children?

Q: I have been giving my son a full teaspoon of cod liver oil for a long time. About 6 months ago he started getting what look like warts or moles on his skin - do you think that could be from too much cod liver oil?

Every commercial cod liver oil besides Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oil contains either no vitamin D or synthetic vitamin D. Most commercial cod liver oils contain synthetic vitamin E used as a perservative as d-alpha tocopherol. My opinion is that the preservative used in many cod liver oils can be toxic when the cod liver oil is used in moderate doses.

I cannot say for certain, but warts could be caused by commercial cod liver oil. I suggest using the fermented cod liver oil and/or skate liver oil from Green Pasture's as they do not use an anti-oxidant because the probiotics in the cod liver oil naturally preserve it.

More About Cod Liver Oil

Weston Price acknowledged that cod liver oil can be toxic in larger doses, and I confirm this. However, smaller doses seem to be of little or no danger. Commercial cod liver oil can be toxic because it gets heated and cleaned artificially. It also has preservatives like synthetic vitamin E added. That is why I think the fermented cod liver and skate liver oil are better alternatives, as they are more holistically processed, and therefore will be better utilized by the body.

Taking cod liver oil with butter and butter oil seem to neutralize the toxicity of cod liver oil so it’s a good idea to take them together.


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