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Tooth Decay and the Vegan Diet

Dear My Vegan Friend,

How you eat defines how the biochemical parts of your body function. It does not define who you are as a person. If you can release your identity of what is right and wrong, and listen to your inner body intelligence, you will see and hear that your body is likely asking for some protein and fats from animals. This page explains problems with a vegan diet and what changes can be made to help improve the situation.

for your health,

This page offers vegan suggestions for a vegan diet to help limit tooth cavities.

Before we begin: I was a vegan for eight months of my life. I currently eat a lot of animal foods (humanely raised). I do not promote a vegan diet and I suggest it be strictly avoided in children or pregnant moms.

Furthermore, my books do not promote a vegan diet, and many people have dental health problems because of a vegan diet.

Why Vegans Have Cavities

Vegan diets have cleansing benefits. They can allow the digestive system to relax. But they are not building, nor are they sustaining. People feel good on a vegan diet because of the cleaning and detoxification benefits. But after the cleanse, one needs to build and sustain. Without animal fats and proteins the body does not build and sustain well. That being said, no matter what your diet or belief system, I believe you deserve help in being as healthy as possible.

As a side note, breast milk is not vegan. Humans are animals, and I fully support breastfeeding. But if you're going to breastfeed your child and you are vegan, you might as well give them other animal foods as well so they can be healthy.

In light of the fact that many vegans write to me and complain about the lack of a vegan tooth healing diet, I am going to provide guidelines for the best vegan diet possible. Of course it will require vegan people writing back to me to say if it worked. My book does not support a vegan diet, so I am putting this all up online only.

Successful vegans in general seem to be either previously overweight people who then go vegan or people who had amazing diets as children with lots of high quality animal products, and then go vegan as adults. Vegan diets can be good for healing or detoxifying the body in some certain situations, for example, part of Max Gerson's Cancer Curing Protocol is vegan, although it originally was not vegan, and it still contains phases that include animal fats.

The vegan diet lacks essential fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins from animal fats) and amino acids (from proteins) needed to help the body rebuild tissues and bones. Weston Price searched the world for a vegetarian culture and could not find one. A vegan diet therefore is not a primitive diet, but a new diet for modern times and one that our bodies are not designed for. In ancient times the concept of a vegan diet was not possible. In many regions there was not enough plant food to sustain life. Today with modern farming, grocery stores are always full of fruits and vegetables and nuts. In the past our ancestors only had these foods seasonally.

What is the Chance of Stopping a Cavity while Remaining Vegan?

First you need to qualify your health condition. For example, a vegan woman wrote me who had one small cavity after ten years of being a vegan. If you fall into this category, then the following suggestions MIGHT work.

Another vegan person had to have four root canals, and had cavities in several teeth. If you fall into this category. Forget about it. I suggest you buy "Cure Tooth Decay" and immediately add animal fats to your diet.

A possibly healthy diet and how it relates to veganism

#1. Fat-soluble vitamins. Weston Price found that healthy people without cavities ate an abundance of fat-soluble vitamins. Of course animal foods are the main source of these, and this is the problem with the vegan diet, and the modern diet.

Vegan sources of fat-soluble vitamins. Avocado, natto (Japanese fermented soy beans), cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, nuts.

#2. Minerals. The abundance of minerals is to be provided by consuming vegetable juices and vegetable soups. I suggest 6-16 cups of juice and soup per day. For clarity I suggest following the Gerson therapy (minus the coffee enemas). Here are some soup recipes. Please avoid excess amounts of sweet vegetable juices, like carrot, and be careful with spinach and beet tops due to phytic acid content. Also do not eat cruciferous vegetables raw or juice on a regular basis such as cabbage or broccoli. These should be either cooked or fermented.

#3 Avoid bad food.

First you need to understand the work of Melvin Page. Dr. Page found that tooth decay, or gum disease, or infections, happen when your blood chemistry goes out of balance, specifically the calcium and phosphorus ratios. What causes this to occur?

A. Too much sweet food. I don't care what it is, if its sweet and you eat too much, it's going to change your blood chemistry. Avoid and reduce your fruit intake.

B. Processed foods and drugs. Processed foods = toxic. Drugs and vaccines 10x more toxic. Most vegans know this already.

C. Supplements and other strange foods. I suggest avoiding any supplement that does not have its ingredients entirely as foods.

D. Avoid Soy. Fermented soy sauce is okay, but otherwise tofu and other soy products generally remove minerals from the body. Soy is also found in most store breads even though it isn't on the label.

Here are some typical vegan sins that will usually contribute to cavities.

Breakfast cereals, granola, vegan cookies, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, agave "nectar", chocolate, sugar, tofu.


The sugar content of these foods promotes tooth decay. Or the anti-nutrient content of the whole grains removes minerals from the body. The safest vegan "sweets" would be dates, and then the herb stevia that is freshly ground (don't buy the stuff in packets). After that, maple syrup.

Let's review.

So #1 don't eat ANY of that stuff listed under vegan sins. If you need to have rice or almond milk, make it at home, although I would be cautious of using too much almond milk as I believe it has thyroid inhibiting properties. To be clear, any sugar is sugar. It doesn't matter what the label says; you need to greatly reduce or avoid having sugar.

#2. Fat-soluble vitamins 3x daily. Take olive oil, natto, coconut oil, and (but not wheat germ oil) 2-3x daily in small amounts. Also consider evening primrose oil.

#3. Veggies are your main food source. 6-16 cups of vegetable juice and/or soups daily. Also sea vegetables, kale, collard greens.

#4. Grains are to be freshly ground, fermented in a sourdough. Remove the bran and germ of grains. Do not consume whole grains. Don't buy bread from the store, make it at home. Lentils and rice can be soured for 1-2 days. There are traditional Indian food recipes of lentil pancakes, dosas.

#5. Nuts and seeds to be soaked and sprouted before consumption.

#6. No soy. No rice milk.

#7. Most vegans are sugar addicts due to a lack of absorbable energy from the dainty diet. Limit fruit intake to 10-20% of your diet. Don't eat too many sweet fruits like dates, peaches or bananas; this will guarantee you to have cavities, as excessively sweet food alters blood sugar.

#8. Use mushrooms to obtain protein.

Some Tooth Decay Diet Ideas

I have one testimonial for a successful vegan tooth healing diet. Below is a testimonial plus comments.

Yes, here is a list of someone's vegan eating plan:
The meat substitute that is made of mushroom is under the brand name Quorn. It contains a lot of zinc, 9 mg per serving. If you don't use this, then eat lots of mushrooms.

Rami's Comments - These products are too sweet in my opinion. They are also expensive. I would then mix with homemade fermented rice milk, Amazake.

"Vibrant Health" Green Vibrance, formula 9.0 - one scoop distributed throughout the day - gives nutritional support, enzymes, herbs to stimulate glands, etc. This formula contains non-GMO protein from pea, rice, spirulina and alfalfa are joined with four select free amino acids to create the first all-vegetable protein ideally balanced for human consumption.

Rami's comments - Again it appears you can sprout and eat these at home.

Lunch - Quorn grounds or Chik'n Tenders (these two have the most percentage of mushroom product, which is high in zinc etc.) mixed with corn and pasta sauce or with pasta sauce and sourdough burger bun with olive oil on top on the side, along with 5 olives rinsed of salt (olives high in calcium and Vanadium, which is also needed for tooth building process).

Rami's comments - Quorn products are not made with soy but with mushroom fungus grown under special conditions.

Apple sauce with 3 tablespoons of chia seeds (not ground) or less, ground

Rami's comments - Chia seeds apparently are a traditional food.

Sauerkraut (high in calcium) as snack

Dinner - can of Eden beans rinsed well and simmered in olive oil with spices, esp. Dill and Parsley for Vanadium, dulse and cooked spinach with about 5 olives (rinsed of excess salt) on the side

final snack - raw nuts, soaked, or ones that don't need soaking like macadamia

Sunlight - to encourage vitamin D production

This individual also thought the garden of life "Grow Bone System with RAW Calcium" was helpful for her. Other people have suggested nano-calc coral calcium for the body.

Final thoughts by Rami on Animal Free Tooth Decay Healing

Without the fat-soluble vitamins this diet will eventually fail. The vegan person admitted she did eat some ghee (clarified butter) and eggs. This may be the key to her success.

I believe when her body runs out of fat-soluble vitamin storage it won't be able to use the minerals properly. If she continues to eat ghee, then her teeth may remain healthy. I am also not a fan of packaged foods. Many foods used seemed to be of fairly good quality but can be made at a higher and fresher quality at home.

Good luck.

Please write to us with further feedback and vegan tooth mineralizing testimonials.

Further reading on raw and vegan diets

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