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Raw Milk is Illegal in My State But I need it For My Children

In the state where I used to live, raw goats’ milk was only available on the black market. Our country is in a sorry state when people cannot have access to live and healthy foods. Everyone in the United States used to know raw milk was healthy. If you watch old television shows, the parents are always telling the children to drink raw milk.

Raw grass fed milk is one of the best, life enhancing, bone growing substances we have available in the world. I wish to bring back the personal freedom to choose simple, whole, raw milk for everyone.

You can form a buyers’ club and purchase directly from a farm, or find a local buyers' club in your area. Rather than a cow share, the best agreement is a lease share. This is where the person consuming the milk actually is the owner of the cow, and is leasing the land and the services of the farmer. In this way there is no commerce or public sales; in this way the government cannot regulate it. Contacting your local chapter of the Weston Price Foundation is a good way to find a legal source of raw milk.

Some people can buy a goat, a horse, or a cow, and milk it yourself.

What if I still cannot get raw milk for my child?

Cheese is far more concentrated in important minerals like calcium and phosphorous than raw milk. High quality raw cheese, aged for 60 days, is still legal in every state. You can also order raw butter online or purchase high quality pasteurized butters, like Anchor or Kerrygold. Pasteurized butters are not ideal, but they are better than nothing and are fairly affordable.

Also, create a lobby group with other concerned citizens. E-mail your state and local legislatures. Gather resources from and File lawsuits. It is criminal that the government can invade and thwart its citizens’ rights to be healthy by limiting access to whole unrefined foods such as raw milk. We need to reclaim our democracy and create a true people’s government that supports our health and our freedom to choose whole foods.

Learn more about how raw milk stops cavities.

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