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Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay a Multi-Generational Issue?

There is a common belief that the problem of baby tooth decay started many generations back as a result of an improper diet. So this theory is used to disregard the nutritional approach to tooth decay.

Animal experiments done by Dr. Mellanby have shown that the diet of the mother during pregnancy has a significant impact on the strength of the teeth of the child. So there is an environment-based genetic factor that relates to tooth decay in children. But, even teeth that are genetically not well-built, due to the poor diet of the mother or even the father, can remineralize. This was proven in Dr. Mellanby's experiments with dogs. Furthermore, as the child grows, their adult teeth are forming in their jaw and upper palate. The strength of these adult teeth will depend largely on the child's diet. So even if it is a struggle to stop tooth decay of your child's teeth, everything you do now will make a difference to your child's adult teeth.

More About Genetics and Early Childhood Cavities

Yes, there are genetic factors involved in relation to childhood cavities. However, when you take everything out of the mix, which factor affects your child's health the most? The most important factor is what you put into the child’s body.

In addition, your child's temperament can affect his health. For example, some children are finicky eaters and they dislike foods that may be good for them. Other children are robust eaters and have no problem eating foods that are good for them. Your children’s health is also affected by their constitution. Your child's constitution refers to the strength of the organs and glands that they were born with. Their constitution is a reflection of their personality, as well as of the nutrition of the mother and father before and during pregnancy. The more special foods that the parents eat (as discussed in detail in the books, "Cure Tooth Decay" and "Healing Our Children,") during preconception and pregnancy, such as yellow butter, bone marrow, liver, fish eggs, other organs, raw dairy and so on, the higher the chance that the child will have a strong and robust body.

Stating that it takes many generations for humans to heal from the deficiencies of previous generations seems unimportant to me. If anything, such a belief justifies the attitude that we are weak and helpless in the face of disease. I believe, because of personal experience, that we have direct and intimate control over our health. Those who do not believe this will construct reasons for their failures, such as the multi-generational theory. I want to be clear: if someone has an incurable disease, I am not blaming them for the disease or saying it is their fault. But in almost every case, my own included, people do not put their full effort into healing disease. The multi-generational theory helps the parent rationalize their partial and half-hearted effort to heal their child. Few people take the fullest approach possible to healing their illnesses; many of those who do, however, have found success.

This is the generation to reclaim your child's health! Cure Tooth Decay will show you how.

Cure Tooth Decay

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