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Why Cavities Are Increasing In Baby Teeth

Recent government surveys have shown a noticeable increase in tooth decay in baby teeth.

Health experts are concerned because decay in baby teeth is an indicator that these people will have more tooth problems as adults. Tooth decay is also a sign of nutrient deficiency or biochemical imbalance in the body. It is not caused by a bacterial infection, but rather a rapid loss of minerals, or a lack of minerals in the body.

The "experts" cite that tooth decay is caused by two problems. #1, Lack of fluoride in the water due to the use of bottled water, and #2, Too much junk food.

More About Why Tooth Decay is Increasing In Primary Teeth

I agree with #2, that junk food will severely affect your child's health. However fluoride does not prevent tooth decay. And in large controlled studies, fluoridated communities actually score worse on the tooth decay chart. If water fluoridation really worked, with a high percentage of our communities fluoridated, dentists would not be able to stay in business.

Tooth decay in children is on the rise because of the poor diets of mothers during pregnancy, and because of the nutrient-devoid dietary suggestions for children during their growth spurts. Our modern diet does not contain the type of special nutrients required by our bodies to be healthy.

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Cure Tooth Decay

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