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Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Genetic?

No, baby bottle tooth decay is not primarily a genetic condition.

Generation after generation, the same groups of people produced children and adults free from tooth decay.

When these same groups of people, with the same genetic lineage, changed their diet, they became susceptible to tooth decay.

Native Diet = Healthy Teeth

Tooth Decay FreeTooth Decay Free
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Modern Diet = Infant Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay, Cavities, SevereTooth Decay, Cavities, Severe

The Seeds For Life

Is Nature in Error?

Has nature failed us, and designed a seed, the DNA and RNA, a genetic map, that is flawed in such a way that people are born with decay and illness?


Are Humans in Error?

Has nature given us the perfect seed and map for life? The perfect DNA, and RNA. Have we simply failed to water it and make it grow fully by an error in the way we live?

The Cavity Answer is Obvious

More and more humans acknowledge that the most dangerous threat to the planet, and to all life, is humans.

We have failed to heed Nature's warnings, and so we face her wrath.

Intercepted Heredity and Caries

It is not the genetic map that is flawed, but rather the nutrients of the "soil" and "water" that are missing.

So the seeds that are our children, the potentials for full life, health and vitality, are left unfulfilled.

As a result, we do not live out our full lives in our full possibility of health. But many of us live a life that ends in disease and premature death.

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