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Q: My child is lactose intolerant so what can I give him for calcium if he has tooth decay?

And should I give him soy milk?

A: Clarified butter (ghee) is not supposed to have lactose in it. High vitamin butter oil should not contain lactose either. Do not feed your son soy milk; this will add to tooth decay because unfermented soy foods will pull nutrients from the body due to their phytic acid content. Also, soy milk and rice milk usually have sugar added and thus contribute to tooth decay. Kefir and yogurt are other suggestions as the bacteria should have consumed all the lactose in the fermentation process.

If those options do not work, bone marrow and fish eggs can be used as a replacement for yellow butter and should provide many of the needed fat-soluble vitamins.

Calcium from Vegetables?

Calcium can also be obtained from vegetables and fish. You will need to give your child a lot of vegetables in the form of vegetable soup, or soup with concentrated amounts of vegetables, to ensure that they have enough calcium in their dairy free diet. Also consider goats' or sheep's milk or cheese.


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