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Can Tooth Decay Get Worse on Baby Cavities Without the Parent Knowing?

Q: I have my son on a wheat- and gluten-free diet. We make bone broth and use plenty of probiotics and yogurt. Can the cavities get worse without it showing? I am hesitant to take him back to the dentist right now, since they don't agree with the "wait and see” approach.

First, I want to acknowledge what a stressful and terrible situation you are facing with your dentist. Many mothers have contacted me, upset by the violent and aggressive attitudes that dentists have concerning treatment for children. Not all dentists are like this, but it seems very common.

One idea is to find a better dentist whom you trust and who can help to confirm your treatment protocol. Dentists who do not agree with the "wait and see" approach to tooth decay on baby teeth that is not painful are not caught up with the evidence from the British Dental Journal.

What they said is that, "More disturbing perhaps, was the discovery that increased levels of restorative care in children were not associated with fewer episodes of pain or the need for extraction."

Baby Tooth Decay Getting Worse

If your son's cavities are already apparent, evidenced by some visible brown or white spots, then you can use those spots as indicators as to whether or not the decay is progressing. You may even want to take pictures for comparing the teeth before and after the dietary treatment. That being said, it is possible for decay to occur even if you cannot see it. However, not too much decay can occur before you will begin to notice it. Recognizing the decay requires looking carefully at your son’s teeth and monitoring for indications of decay, such as the brown spots I mentioned. If the decay is progressing in the areas you were monitoring, you will be able to see it. You can also check to see if his gums are firm and pink. Near the roots of the teeth there should be no swelling or pus. Notice your child's mood and attitude. If he is in good spirits and your visual inspection shows no new spots or decay, then there is a very high likelihood that there is no more decay.

Each individual is different. I put my trust and faith in the diet. When my daughter is regularly eating special foods and she is not experiencing infection or pain and her gums look firm, pink, and healthy, then that is enough for me to believe that she is healthy. A small amount of decay may still be inevitable, especially in severe cases. When introducing a healthy diet, it can take up to three years for a child’s body to adapt and improve.

Most parents feel good about having a dentist who they can work with to monitor their child's teeth.

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