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Why the Prevalence of Children's Cavities is on the Rise and How to Stop it Naturally with Diet

In 2004 a new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey of tooth cavities found a noticeable increase in tooth cavities in children under the age of five: from 24% in the mid-1990s to 28% in 2004.

Of course with all the water fluoridation, "researchers" are confused as to why cavities would be on the rise.

Why Cavities are on the Rise in Children

There are two key reasons here which both tie together.

#1. The nutrition of the mother and father. Prior to conception the seeds are formed in the parents' bodies for about three months. They are formed from the nutrients available. They require fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. During pregnancy, the teeth are being formed in the womb. The mother needs adequate calcium, phosphorus, and fat-soluble vitamins so that the fetus can grow healthy teeth. Even though we do not see the teeth when the child is born, they exist up inside the gum line.

#2. The breakdown of nutrition of the mother and father. Dentist Weston Price found that after the adoption of modern industrialized foods, people lose their good teeth, health, and vitality. These results were duplicated in laboratory experiments of Francis Pottenger who studied the effect of denatured food on animals. With each generation on a poor diet, there is a successive breakdown of the health of the offspring. Eventually the offspring cannot reproduce because their health is so poor.

So children under the age of five born today are the result of the health and diet of their parents, who were born on average 20-30 years ago. As our diet in the United States has progressively declined in terms of nutrient density, and in terms of the amount of toxic and filler byproducts in processed food, parents-to-be would have a continual breakdown in the nutrient contents of their bodies.

The results of a poor diet speak for themselves.

The children of today are the results of parents who are eating more and more processed foods - specifically vegetable oils as a replacement for healthy animal fats. (I recommend animal fats of humanely treated animals, like grassfed butter.) This replacement has produced children physically weaker than before. These children, having a poor diet in childhood and a higher exposure to chemicals through routine use of antibiotics and vaccines, become more susceptible to cavities. (Vaccines cause or contribute to tooth cavities.) And vaccine use is on the rise.

Germs Don't Cause Cavities in Children's Teeth

While cleaning teeth with natural products like salt water or baking soda and salt will help maintain oral health, there is no replacement for a good diet. Researchers continuing to spend their entire lives staring at little bacteria will go nowhere towards improving our health. While they may discover interesting anotomical results, they won't help our children stop cavities. No progress has been made in the last 50 years in trying to stop the bacterial plague. Bacteria are everywhere; you cannot stop them.

The terrain is everything. The germs are nothing.

The food that we eat is the cause of tooth decay. If correctly chosen and used, the food we eat can cure tooth decay.

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