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Effective Topical Treatments for Tooth Abscess

You can try one of these or all of them.

#1. Salt water – rinse and gargle with warm salt water.

#2. Cloves – Cloves are aromatic dried flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae. You can use clove oil, or buy whole cloves and powder them, or buy powdered cloves. Put the clove powder or oil on or near the abscess. It may take more than one application.

Cloves help sooth Tooth Abscess

#3. Prickly Ash Bark – is usually available in herbal stores, or you may have a prickly ash tree near by you. This can numb your mouth.

Prickly Ash can stop Tooth Abscess Pain

#4 Golden Seal Powder – is available in some health food stores. Put some powder on the infected area.

#5. Huang lian (coptis root) – This is a chinese herbal formula and it can stop tooth infections or tooth ache.

#6. Oil Pulling Therapy – swish good quality olive oil, sesame oil or coconut oil in your mouth for 5-10 minutes, then discard. The oil will remove toxins from your teeth and gums.

#7 Chinese Herbalist – Chinese herbs taken internally or topically can be very effective at healing a tooth abscess. Many acupuncturists or Chinese medical clinics have herbs on hand.

What About Brushing with Toothpaste or Fluoride for Abscessed Teeth?

People always ask me if they should use toothpaste or even fluoride to brush their teeth. These pastes contain sweeteners and chemicals. And fluoride is a deadly poison, I wouldn’t put it in my mouth. You can use some sea salt to brush your teeth, make sure to brush really well for several minutes. Another fun way to brush teeth that is not going to be toxic like regular toothpastes is with toothsoap.

Dental Infections Can Be a Cause for Concern

Even though it is very possible to treat and even cure the tooth abscess condition at home in a relatively short period of time, I don’t want you to get the idea that this is something to take lightly. Dental infections have been shown to be related or to even cause other diseases. Dental infections may also aggravate pre-existing health problems. Up to 28 conditions can be caused or related to dental disease, including eye problems, arthritis, and inflammations of the stomach, intestine, appendix, gall bladder and kidney. (Source: Hal Huggins, Uninformed Consent)

If you can treat the tooth abscess and heal it naturally, great. However you want to take steps to make sure it does get healed fully.


Cure Tooth Decay

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