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Town Without A Toothache, Hereford, Texas, in Man Versus Toothache

As long as I practiced dentistry, I kept telling my patients that to have sound teeth they must eat foods that contain tooth-building elements. I told them that milk contained calcium (lime) in the form easiest assimilated for building both bones and teeth.

Here are some inciteful quotes from dentist George Heard:

Man Versus Toothache Dentist George Heard
Dr. George W. Heard: Man Versus Toothache

For years and years, I kept telling my patients those things. The typical patient would listen with one ear, then go home and eat white bread, mashed potatoes and gravy and lettuce hearts for supper.

Dr. Heard thought that the vitamins in the potatoes and greens were in the skins or outer greens.

Dentist George Heard on why people have tooth cavities:

As I later realized, those children had bad teeth because they had been fed too much white bread, cake, pies, polished rice, syrup and jelly. The worn out soils adds its part. They did not get enough raw whole milk to supply the calcium and vitamins, or enough leafy vegetables and fruit to supply the trace minerals.

Dr. George Heard, speaking to the Alabama Dental Society:

Good cows' milk would supply that element, provided the cows grazed on grass and were fed on grain or fodder that grew on limestone soil.... Give the children, and the grown-ups as well, the minerals they need and you will have sound bones and sound teeth.

Dr. George Heard on why people get sick:

It was some years after we moved to Hereford that the truth dawned on me. The sick man makes his own bed and lies on it. The doctors call his ailment arthritis, anemia, tuberculosis or heart disease. Whatever his sickness may be, it is his baby. He has nursed it along, a viper in his bosom, and let it feed upon him.

After nearly dying, Dr. Heard found a healing center.
The presiding doctor, after a 14 day fast, had him drinking milk every hour. He then switched to a 50 percent milk diet and a 50 percent fruit/veggie juice diet.

Dr. George Heard on moving to Deaf Smith County Texas, to a town called Hereford:

"At first I wondered why so few people came in to get their teeth fixed.... By contrast, in Hereford only a few people needed filling."

I see that you like milk and drink lots of it. You like your buttermilk and clabber too,

he would say to patients free of cavities.

Naturally, nobody in or around Hereford had thought once of giving their food or milk credit for producing their sound teeth.

Dr. George Heard's Tooth Decay Halting Program (with raw milk of course):

With all that, you must contrive in one way or another to consume your quart of milk a day. You can beneficially take part of it in butter milk or clabber, cottage cheese or ice cream.

After a newcomer has lived in Hereford a few years, provided he has drunk lots of raw whole milk, he develops resistance to tooth decay. Even the tooth cavities which he brings with him when he comes to Hereford will be glazed over, if he has drunk raw milk...
Milk does the immunizing job better than any other food, simply because milk is the one foodstuff that everybody did consume raw until recent years.

Don't forget the fermented kinds of raw milk:

A surprisingly large number [of people without cavities] liked either buttermilk or clabber, or both. The significant fact is that the milk those patients drank came from cows that had grazed on native grass in Deaf Smith County pastures. In winter, as a rule, the cows had grazed on green wheat.

Dr. Heard's research was spinned around and used to promote massive water fluoridation, when in fact it was the nutrients in the milk that primarily halted tooth cavities.

As I have also stated emphatically in these pages, I disagree completely with the theory that fluoride in the water is mainly what prevents tooth decay.

Dr. George Heard on Feeding Children REAL FOODS.

To feed a growing child white bread and refined sugar and pasteurized milk is like leaving out cement and using dirt for mixing concrete.

It is no wonder the child who is habitually fed like that is pale, stunted, sickly and sometimes delinquent.

It is equally essential that the people who would eat for sound teeth give up pies, puddings, cakes and other white flour products along with candy, jellies, preserves and syrup.

Milk, when pasteurized, loses vitamins and may lose the activator which helps the body assimilate its calcium. It is my convention that a person could live upon whole wheat grain soaked in milk and nothing else, and thrive upon such a diet.
Laurens County, South Carolina, no tooth decay.

More Raw Milk testimonials from Dr. Heard.

Dr. Heard, as you know, I have lived here in Deaf Smith county practically all my life, I have raised a family of five daughters. All of them are grown up and some have families of their own now. Not one of them ever had the toothache or a single decayed tooth.

What did your girls have to eat as they grew up, Mr. Smith? I asked him

Well, doctor, they ate mostly what we produced on our farm - green vegetables out of our garden or canned vegetables off the pantry shelf, fresh beef whenever we killed a yearling, side meat and ham from the smokehouse, and oh yes, we kept cows and the girls had all the fresh sweet milk or buttermilk they could drink.

Dr. Heard's Tooth Decay Advice:

Reader, would you like to have my formula for building sound teeth in one line? Well, then here it is: Drink plenty of pure raw milk every day.

Grassfed milk cows (or goats) give children immunity to cavities.

I have observed in routine examinations of school children's mouths here in Hereford that the children whose families kept cows, as a rule, had perfect teeth.

It is also true, almost without exception, that my adult patients who lived until middle age or older without tooth decay had been heavy milk drinkers all their lives.

Water Fluoridation Causes Damage to Teeth

I believe that fluoride does in a mild way retard caries, but I also believe that the damage it does is far greater than any good it may appear to accomplish. It even makes the teeth so brittle and crumbly that they can be treated only with difficulty, if at all.

Cure Tooth Decay

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