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How to Heal Cavities Naturally

Stop Tooth Decay, Heal Adult and Children's Teeth, Prevent Root Canals, Slow Gum Disease, and Heal Tooth Abscess

The only way to prevent tooth cavities for most or all of your life is to address their real cause, diet. By the time the average person is in their 40's, almost half of their teeth are affected by decay, and the problem continues to worsen because the root cause is not addressed. One challenge for people is the availability of truthful and accurate knowledge as to what changes really work to help stop cavities fast.

The 208 page book published by Golden Child Publishing is carefully designed to help you fully understand the laws governing your dental health, so that you can make the changes you need to be healthy. It features dairy free options, vegetarian options, and fish only or fish and meat options.

Cure Tooth Decay features the wisdom from the best dentists then and now. This includes dental giants Weston Price, D.D.S. and Melvin Page, D.D.S.

Every single page is packed with crucial knowledge to help you stop cavities, tooth pain, and tooth infections fast. Some people obtain rapid results, and for others, diligence and hard work pay off over time. This book does not require you to buy any special products (although I mention some helpful ones) or subscribe to any services. Everything you need to start healing your teeth is clearly explained. This includes sources where you can obtain special foods essential for tooth regeneration.

1. Learn the real cause of tooth cavities. You will learn what types of foods really cause cavities.

2. Learn how to heal and mineralize cavities. You will learn what types of foods help prevent cavities. Don't worry, some of it tastes really good!

3. Clear information about whether you need a dental procedure. You will learn how to determine if you really need a dental treatment, where to get the best treatment, and how to avoid excessive and unneeded dental treatments.

4. A detailed explanation on root canals, so you can avoid them, or get the safest one available. You will learn techniques used by other regular people that have healed their tooth infections naturally so they could avoid a root canal or extraction.

5. A special section for healing children's tooth cavities. I will show you as a parent how I went from fear into faith, and from suffering into peace about my daughters cavities. You will understand the essential information to prevent cavities. You will learn how I protected my daughter's teeth naturally, so she did not need dental surgery, even with severe cavities.


Meet The Author

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Ramiel Nagel is an internationally published author whose tooth decay research has been featured in Nexus Magazine and the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. Nagel has also authored a second book that has not yet been released, titled, “Healing Our Children: Because Your New Baby Matters! Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting.” This book identifies steps parents can take to keep their babies healthy from prenatal to postnatal care. Nagel has a BA from the University of California and has five years of training in professional energy medicine. An advocate of balanced, healthy lifestyles, Nagel is also a yoga instructor. He lives in California with his spouse and two daughters.

Cure Tooth Decay Chapters

  1. Our Medieval Theory of Cavities
    The modern theory of tooth decay is based on the idea that bacteria's cause cavities. Yet this paradigm is over 150 years old and is completely outdated and ineffective at curing cavities.
  2. Why Indeed Do Teeth Decay?
    Here we study the work of the world's most prominent dentist, Dr. Weston Price to understand the true nature of cavities and how to stop them.
  3. Solved, the Riddle of Tooth Decay
    Dental great Dr. Melvin Page explains why tooth decay really happens, and it is not because of bacteria.
  4. Healing Teeth
    Here you learn the formulas of success that have healed other people's teeth. Included are a: vegetarian, milk free, and a meat and/or fish based cavity healing plan.
  5. Dentistry
    Get to the roots of dentistry and learn whether root canals, or fluoride are effective treatments for cavities. Learn what dental treatments are safe, and when a dental treatment isn't necessary. Learn about how cavities and root canals are commonly misdiagnosed and how to protect yourself from this problem.
  6. Proof That Cavities Can Heal
    Several photographs remove any shades of doubt or despair, yes your teeth can remineralize and protect themselves!
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
    Read answers to 20 common questions. For example, how do you know if you have a tooth cavity? Also read answers to some outrageous questions, for example: how I respond to disbelievers and skeptics.
  8. A Sane Approach to Treating and Preventing Early Childhood Tooth Decay
    A reasonable alternative exists to paying for expensive surgery for your child affected with cavities. This section includes answers to common questions and some good extra tidbits for adults dealing with cavities.

People Healing Their Cavities Naturally

Marc M. sent me this unsolicited e-mail.

Before: "I had a toothache for over 6 months. I went to the dentist 3 times for the same tooth and they concluded after 2 tooth filling appointments, that I needed a crown and maybe a root canal after that."

After: "All I can say is that after all those months of accelerating pain from my tooth, it took only minutes after taking just a big serving of cod liver oil like you suggested for my pain to go away. I could not chew on this tooth last week, but now no problem. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

Connie W. just sent me these unsolicited e-mails about her tooth enamel that was rapidly dissolving.

Before Reading Cure Tooth Decay: "I am driving myself absolutely crazy with this right now. I noticed my enamel looked scraped in a few spots a few weeks ago, and it is progressively getting worse by the day! There are at least twenty teeth affected that I can see."

"I don't want dentures. But I can't afford a full mouth of restorations either. I have found a few others like myself out there that this is happening to, and some of them have had every test under the sun and can find nothing wrong. They are at a loss and just as scared as I am."

After Reading Cure Tooth Decay (and following its recommendations): "I've been anxiously waiting to write and tell you this is working! It is healing so fast! The new enamel looks like lattice. My hair has been going gray for the last ten years, it is reversing. The gray is slowly turning into blonde and then a honey color.

If I could capture this, I'd probably just post them online for the whole world to see that dentists are wrong! Everywhere you read online, 'enamel does not grow back...' Rami, it does!!! I don't think this is just the enamel "like" glassy coating you referred to. I really believe this is actual enamel re-knitting. I wish you could see it!

I am so excited!!! Rami, thank you so much for being there to support and encourage me. Thank you so much for your website and your book. You did the world a great service by going public with your story and trying to help others accomplish the same thing."

The printed book costs $28.95 and includes free shipping.

Think about how much you can save..

I saved my teeth from getting three cavities filled:

  • Complete series of x-rays $147.00+
  • At least 3 composite fillings $500.00+
  • Avoiding Novocain - $priceless
  • Avoiding having holes drilled in my teeth - $priceless

I saved my daughter from two unnecessary dental surgeries that a conventional dentist would have "prescribed" to "correct" the problem.

  • First dental surgery $3,000.00+
  • Second dental surgery $3,000.00+
  • Avoiding emotional trauma - priceless
    Letting her keep her natural teeth - priceless

To be honest, I cannot promise you that you will save as much as I did, or have the success that other people did. I know that results vary. I know that success can take hard work and diligence, and that not everyone starts with the same level of health. I wouldn't want you to expect the impossible. However a majority of readers will realize what is possible - a cure for their cavities, holistic treatment for infections, and a reduction in gum disease.

Dental Treatments Vs. Nutritional Treatments


Dental Treatment

Nutritional Treatment
as described in Cure Tooth Decay

Teeth Feel Stronger
Tooth Decay Check!
Prevents Future Cavities
Completely Natural
Does Not Require Drilling

Will it work for you?

Everyone wants to know if the advice in Cure Tooth Decay will solve their dental health problem. And in my experience the answer in the large majority of cases is, Yes! But not everyone obtains the results they desire, especially those with significant chronic health problems. Overall nearly everyone is completely satisfied with Cure Tooth Decay, that's why they send us their happy testimonials.

The only way you know if it works is to try it. That's how I began finding real results, is by trying things. Try the dietary advice, and if it doesn't work then your only other option is dental treatments.

Order Cure Tooth Decay, take responsibility for your dental health!

Cure Tooth Decay Remineralize Cavities Naturally

Professionally Published Book
New Edition Released 11/2010
252 Pages



Healing Testimonial Highlights

"I've been following many of your recommendations as best as I can ever since, and I do feel that my teeth and health have both improved substantially."

"The bottom line is, it works for me."

"My relief at this outcome is immeasurable."

"I must say it is fantastic!" (Referring to the book)

"I have zero cases of abscesses."

"Nagel's book is admirable for its honesty, clarity and inspirational power, and deserves to be taken as the deeply valuable resource which it is.."

"This book gave me the insights I needed.."

"I would recommend this book."

"The book has excellent information on the cause of decay and the effects of various commonly used dental treatments."

Letter from a Reader:

"Dear Ramiel,

I purchased your book several weeks ago after getting my teeth checked at a dental clinic. The dentist suggested that I get my four wisdom teeth pulled and have root canals & caps done on several (5 or 6) of my other teeth. This was just way too radical for me, especially since my teeth weren't bothering me that much. I knew I had a couple of cavities and some gum problems due to occasional pain and discomfort here and there, and so I only expected nothing more than a filling or two.

Anyway, rather than going through weeks of unnecessary and undesirable dental surgery I ended up searching on the Net for whether teeth can heal naturally and ended up finding your videos and book. Thank you very much for all the information you provide. I've been following many of your recommendations as best as I can ever since, and I do feel that my teeth and health have both improved substantially. I no longer have any irritating gum problems, my teeth are definitely stronger now, and I rarely have any tooth pain. If and when I do, it's comparatively very little to what I was experiencing beforehand.

Additionally, your protocol also seems to have helped alleviate persistent adrenal fatigue I've been suffering from for many years. I really needed to eliminate sugar and all kinds of processed, nutrient depleted, non-foods from my diet, and start eating real nourishing foods. It seems that that's exactly what my teeth were telling me.

Kind Regards,

Otmar Raus (Melbourne, Australia)

"Read the book, made a few adjustments in my approach to my diet as recommended by this book. The bottom line is, it works for me. Thank you."

Stacy M

"I noticed some deterioration in my teeth last year, so I started searching online to find out whether anyone knew anything about healing teeth. I found Rami's website and decided to buy his book. Although I had heard of Weston Price and Nourishing Traditions before, it was through Rami's book that I really came face to face with that information. It made a lot of sense to me. Especially thought-provoking for me was Rami's message to vegetarians (I had been one for 15 years). It was also helpful that he had actually set down a dietary protocol whose specific objective is to help teeth heal, which Dr. Price reportedly did not do. The protocol is challenging for me, but I have been introducing elements of it to the best of my ability.

Then I lost a filling. The first dentist I saw diagnosed decay and a probable need for a root canal, and said that the tooth might already be dead. Her pronouncement caused me untold agony over the next several weeks. Then a holistic dentist determined that the tooth is alive and recognized that it has totally re-enamelized. He simply replaced the lost filling. He told me I am lucky, because most people are not able to get their teeth to re-enamelize like that. Well, I am now a believer. Nourishing Traditions is for real, and it was with Rami's explanation and guidance that I found a way to help my body contain the damage in my teeth. My relief at this outcome is immeasurable.

We have been conditioned to believe that the only opinions worth having are those that come from people who have been formally trained and licensed, but I believe that formal training can be restricted and biased, and does not necessarily consider all possibilities. Here is the work of someone who questions the knee-jerk assumptions of the industry and who has taken the trouble to do the research and the self-experimentation in an effort to find a better way. I am very appreciative that Rami has chosen to share his findings, relieving us from each having to go through the whole process of trial and error from scratch. And he brings some much-needed balance to a subject that is approached by so many from a place of fear."

Corenya 19 years old:

"Have just bought and read your Ebook. I must say it is fantastic! It is the best and most complete information I have found anywhere. I literally spent days researching ways to cure dental decay/infections with very little to show for it… then I stumbled upon your website. Thankyou so much! I have been following almost all of your guidelines for 3 days now and am already feeling better."

What about Healing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Marina - Ontario, Canada

"My daughter Jessica is 4.5, and she has tooth decay, severe, you might say. My other daughter, Nancy, 3.5 has perfect teeth. While pregnant with Nancy, I followed Dr. Weston Price's suggestions on diet. When Nancy was born, she was breastfed and then given raw milk formula.  With Jessica, I had no knowledge what-so-ever about a good diet. I did not eat well at all. Jessica has a few cavities and the dentists are surprised that she is so little but already has so many." -

Mrs. Brown, Canada

"I've always known deep down that teeth can heal naturally. When my own daughter began having dental issues, I went on a mission! Already been down that path, and being very scarred from the dental experiences I endured, I knew I couldn't put my child through it. I found Dr. Weston Price's research and my instincts told me this was it! Ramiel has now written a book, drawn from Price's findings, but specifically directed at restoring dental health. The result is a very comprehensive book that lays it all out. He is honest. And the truth is an incredible eye-opener! The protocol works. Get this book,
especially if you have children.

What About Healing Root Canals?

"Recently I ran into several complications with my teeth. I began to develop an abscess near my gums. I went to have it checked by my dentist, only to find out that the tooth was infected and I needed a root canal, and a crown. I was devastated by these news, I felt like not only my teeth were failing on me, but also my diet. I've been following Paleo Diet for well over three years. Over the years i've noticed increase in muscle strength, resistance to common colds, as well as physical endurance. Lately due to financial reasons, I was unable to afford to buy high quality raw grass-fed bison meat, and at times had to resort to SAD (standard american diet). I noticed that whenever I would eat cooked food, especially white flour, I would get an instant reaction, and develop an abscess on my gums withing a fifteen minutes. Later if I ate raw bison meat the swelling would deprecciate and dissapear by the next day. I was upset that I could see the link between my raw meat consumption and reduction in gum swelling, but my dentist could not. Luckly I was recommended to seek out the help of Rami Nagel through my Paleo Diet Yahoo group. I was glad to find someone who was both knowledgeable in proper diet application as well as dental caries. Rami Nagel was able to incorporate both fields, and the knowledge that foods can heal, and as a result I chose not to do the root canal procedure. He suggested for me to eat more raw meat, which I have began doing, since then I have zero cases of abscesses. Glad I went against the root canal." - Tim, Student

"Ramiel, You (along with Weston Price) saved my teeth. Was supposed to get a root canal (which I had no money to afford). Tooth was in pain. After three weeks on the diet I can feel a big difference, tooth doesn't hurt now and feels like it's healing. Thanks so much. Unbelievable!" Artist, Utah

Tooth Grinding Testimonials

From Michael J. in Milpitas.

"When we are awake, look at the situations in which we clinch our jaw. These situations are general negative- when we are in pain, stressed, angry, etc... I believe the same thing applies to when we are sleeping. I believe we clinch our jaw and grind our teeth when sleeping when there is stress on our bodies. This stress can be mental/emotional, nutritional, physical, and/or environmental.

Since your book on teeth mainly addressed nutrition, let me mention that first. When you are sleeping, your body shuts down and spends a major amount of effort on digestion. I believe that if you are eating things that are not agreeable with your body, this places an uncomfortable stress on the body.

I also believe that teeth clinching and grinding can be a sign of mental/emotional stress. Some people have stressful negative situations in their life. Some people have personalities in which they put stress on themselves, are extremely impatient, anger easily, have a heightened sense of anxiety, etc....

On the physical side, our modern lifestyle has caused a significant amount of muscular imbalances in our bodies. Doctors give fancy names to numerous problems we have in regards to the (joint, muscle, tendon, etc.) pains people have in their body, but as an Muscle Balance and Function practitioner, I have found that root cause of many of those things are due to muscular imbalances. The alignment of people's bodies have deviated farther and farther from its original design. These muscular imbalances place a tremendous stress on the body.
As far as environmental, as we surrounded by so much unnatural and toxic crap. This is places a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies.

So for me, I was able to resolve my teeth grinding and clinching because I addressed all the areas I mentioned. I made changes to my mental/emotional state. I changed my diet. I worked on and continue to work on correctly the muscular imbalances in my body. I cleared out as much of the toxic products in my home as possible."

Liked The Book Tesitmonials

"Excellent Resource: At Last - a search for the real truth... The author has chosen to go beyond and look for the real cause and I think he has found it. I have used a similar method to halt tooth decay in my family and it works. Well researched and well presented." - Parent

Joseph A. Marchello (Northfield, MA)

"Rami Nagel is an "ordinary mortal" who has, by virtue of necessity and courage to dare - and the remarkable archive of anthropological-medical data created by Dr. Weston Price achieved an extraordinary goal - arresting and reversing what most people and practitioners routinely believe to be an inevitable degeneration in dental health

He has come at his subject with all the doubts, hopes and vulnerabilities of a layman whose inner quest will not allow him to be satisfied with the pathological state of affairs that modern medicine takes to be "normal". It is normal in the truest sense of the word - meaning, the condition of the majority, the mean, the present state of things. But normal is not necessarily natural, and the quest for the natural is clearly what inspired both Weston Price and Rami Nagel.

While there are many ways of providing the essential elements required for the job, Nagel chooses to model his approach on that of Dr. Price, who did decades of detailed study and analysis which few now would care to undertake.

However, other - not incompatible - paths exist, such as the very promising potential of modulating the pH acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream, a pre-condition which is pivotal in virtually all other and later developments in human physiology. One brief example will do: it is necessary for the salivary pH to be at least 6.5 in order for new enamel to be formed.

Even if all other conditions are ideal, and this is not the case, the desired results may not occur. Ideally, "primal" nutrition would create such a condition, but years - perhaps decades - of extreme imbalance (even on well-intended diets), but experience shows that, at least initially, more aggressive measures may often be needed to rectify the all-important fluid state of the body.

Nagel's book is admirable for its honesty, clarity and inspirational power, and deserves to be taken as the deeply valuable resource which it is, collating hundreds of pages of clinical research and distilling it into user-friendly form for impatient contemporary readers and needers."

Teresa Ann Foxworthy

"This book gave me the insights I needed when I was in tremendous pain and fear because of a dental crisis. I hadn't been to a dentist in 20 years, and because of this book, I was able to avoid them long enough to gain the strategic insight so I would not just be another casualty of a society which forgets its origin in Nature. Coming home to Nature has been fulfilling on such a primal level. I feel more of who I am as a physical being on this plane. All my life, I've watched the follies of Western Medicine, along with the good deeds, and have been surprised at the disparities. Diet & Core Beliefs are my first priorities when any physical ailment arises. Addressing them effectively has ALWAYS given me the results I've desired."

J. Holiday

"I found this easy to read book about nutrition and tooth decay to be a well researched, common sense approach to health. I have started to follow the diet proposed in the book and after 7 weeks, I am seeing results in my over all energy levels and reversal of my dental issues. I would recommend this book."

Mama Bean

In "Cure Tooth Decay," author and health & nutrition pioneer Ramiel Nagel illuminates the true causes of poor dental health and summarizes the route to healing from it. He uses understandable language and an easy flowing style to point out where modern dental medicine has failed us, and what the research has to say about using nutrition to get our health back on track.

The trail-blazing dentist Weston Price outlined the mistakes western society has made investing in "foods of modern commerce," and revealed how primitive cultures in the 1930's (now largely decimated by modernization) had remained immune to tooth decay. However, as anyone who has ever tried to read his dissertation "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" can tell you, it is not for the faint of heart. Rami Nagel has translated Dr. Price's research, along with that of Melvin Page, DDS and many others, into a primer that anyone interested in better health can pick up and absorb.

"Cure Tooth Decay" provides a synthesis of scientific research and updated healing protocols, complete with resources for further research and where to find the nutritional supplements you may need on your road to superior health.

~If you or a family member (especially young children) are facing extensive, painful, and pricey dental work, and you want to know if there is a better way, you need this book.

~If you have ever had the feeling that dental health may actually be an indicator of overall wellness, but couldn't find a way to make the connection, you need this book.

~If your gut instinct tells you that you may have gotten bad advice from dentists (such as using artificial sweeteners or weaning a child from breastmilk), but didn't know where to turn, you need this book.

~If you want to avoid dentists and oral health problems for yourself or your children, and don't know whether brushing & toxic fluoride treatments will really do the trick (as we all know they haven't for most people), you need this book.

S. Wallace in California

"This book is based on the work of Dr Weston Price as well as the author's own research and experience. It provides a comprehensive nutritional plan (in both vegetarian (not vegan) and omnivore forms) for strengthening teeth, preventing decay, and possibly healing existing decay.

The book has excellent information on the cause of decay and the effects of various commonly used dental treatments. Nagel challenges the reader to take responsibility for their own dental health. For example, how many people regularly examine their own teeth in any detail? Most of us simply believe the dentist knows best what is happening in our own mouths. Not that dentists are not necessary, but they do not have all the answers, and some of their treatments are highly invasive and potentially problematic. And of course, very few dentists work on a nutritional level, which is the focus of this book.

The state of our teeth reflects the state of our health and I believe that this nutritional program will help to improve both. I am trying it especially on my husband, who has numerous dental issues and I believe was malnourished most of his life."



Cure Tooth Decay

I had several very painful cavities postpartum (after having twins) that kept me up all night in pain and made it so I could barely eat... After following the advice in this book accruately my tooth pain subsided within 24 hours and no longer hurt at all, my teeth also look nicer and my gums no longer bleed and are a nice pink color. -J. Steuernol, Canada

Buy it Now Button

"The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Hallelujah brother!!! The dentist wanted me to have two major root canals immediately and two other teeth filled. When I asked him if there was anything I could do with nutrition or supplements to get mu teeth to heal, he said "maybe you could slow the decay down a little bit" but that essentially the answer was no.

That dental visit was three mobnths ago and my teeth have stopped aching all together, are way less temperature sensitive, and feel generally stronger.

Most of us have been totally disempowered regarding the health of our teeth. This information has changed that for me. I bought the book for $28 anyway though. What a bargain, The dental work was going to cost well over $4000.00 no wonder dentists don't seem open to this stuff working! Talk about a biased perspective!!!

Think I'm excited, you will be too if you use this info to take tooth health into your own hands!"
Very satisfied, Mike - Ashland, OR

"Not only is Cure Tooth Decay a practical guide to teach parents how to raise healthy children (with healthy teeth), it is also a helpfull tool for adults who have suffered with poor dental health and/or chronic disease. I would also highly recommend this book to people who are looking for things they can do to protect their bones, and their overall health, as they age. In other words, this book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health." Pam Killeen New York Times nestselling Author

"Ramiel, You (along with Weston Price) saved my teeth. Was supposed to get a root canal (which I had no money to pay for). Tooth was in pain. After three weeks on the diet I can feel a big difference, tooth doesn't hurt now and feels like it's healing. Thanks so much. Unbelievable!" - Leroy, Utah

My cavity has gotten smaller! Once you are set free from being a slave to modern foods of commerce author continues to explain how the ancient people ate. They were healthy, strong and good looking. They had no cavities. They had no illness until familiar western culture came to visit them. If you are reading this review I am sure you understnad something is not right in the world. That we are born to live under a certain hypnosis. That we are taught to give away our responsibility to "people with authority", and those people cannot even take care of themselves. I recommend this book if you want the way out."Ranko, Croatia