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I would like to offer extra support for you to help you take more responsibility for your health. The goal of the consultation is to empower you and to support your health choices. This page will explain in detail what I can offer. I placed sign up steps at the top for people who want to sign up quickly, however there is more information below. The goal is to be of service to help you understand how to stop, heal, prevent or treat your dental or other condition. (Please Read Disclaimer)

Steps to Receiving a Consultation.

E-mail the following:

1) your phone number
2) your time time zone
(I live in California)
3) two or three possible dates and times for the consultation
4) one paragraph or less of what you would like to accomplish.
5) read & sign the California Alternative And Complimentary Medicine Disclosure Form. (This is a requirement of California Law, I apologize for the slight inconvenience this causes.)

a) digital signature - e-mail my assistant with the disclaimer copy and pasted into the e-mail. Put your name in the blanks. Use this plain text form for easy copy and pasting, don't worry about the formatting.

b) real signature - scan the form into your computer and e-mail it as an attachment.

E-mail this information to my secretary at:

Consultation Rates

Payment is made via google checkout, paypal, or I can take your credit card over the phone. I only take your payment information after the session to insure you are completely satisfied. Please read below to learn more about consultations.

The checkout link says "Golden Child Publishing."


Get a Relief of Stress Because I am on Your Side

After a session, clients generally feel relieved of stress because I am on their side. My goal is to help you get more clear with how you can help yourself. If you have questions, concerns or doubts, I answer each question honestly and from personal experience.

I also take every effort to affirm each person's on internal decision meter, and their own intuition. Making decisions about health and teeth can be difficult at times, especially when you are being judged, questioned, and even humiliated by dentists or other health care professionals.

My focus is not on just telling you things, but on listening to your perspective, and being aligned with any way I can help you.

Unique Qualities I Bring To A Consultation

  • I speak from personal experience, or direct experience of others, not on hearsay or scientific fraud.
  • I have well over 2,000 hours of professional training in energy medicine.
  • I have made great strides in healing my own dental health conditions and my daughter's.
  • I want to help you.
  • I am aligned with speaking honestly.
  • Each session stands on its own, I do not try to tie you in to more sessions, or convince you to spend more money on things you do not need.
  • If I cannot help you, I say so up front before any money changes hands.
  • I stand behind our time together with a guarantee.

Get Support on Lifestyle Changes that Work

It is difficult to bring our minds into a new state of awareness in which we are really focused on what is best for our health or our children's health. You might read my book, but still have problems implementing the strategies.

Get a Sane Perspective On Children's Teeth

For parents who are in a state of stress over their children's health. I know what it is like, I have been there. And I have overcome most of my stress about this, so I can enjoy time with my daughter without being worried about her teeth.

Consultation Testimonials

"My phone consultation with Rami was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence to make the decision I had wanted to make all along (to opt out of the dentist-recommended surgery for my 21 year old daughter's tooth decay). I could sense Rami's sincerity. He truly cared about our situation and wanted what was best for my daughter. He listened thoughtfully and was able to pinpoint my fears about the situation and ease the stress that was making it difficult for me to make the best decision for my daughter's health. It is obvious that Rami is not doing this just as a business venture but because he feels compelled to help others in this situation. It's so important to find support when you're making decisions that go against what traditional "authorities" recommend for you. Rami's Website was a source of support for me as I researched alternatives to dental surgery for my young daughter. I kept coming back to the site and debating whether or not to call. I'm so glad I did. After speaking with multiple dentists and reading many Websites in support of fluoride usage and dental surgery, it was such a relief to find advice that did not go against my instincts as mother and protector of my daughter. Thank you, Rami!!" - Jen Barnett, Teacher, Alaska

"Recently I ran into several complications with my teeth. I began to develop abscess near my gums. I went to have it checked by my dentist, only to find out that the tooth was infected and I needed a root canal, and a crown. I was devastated by these news, I felt like not only my teeth were failing on me, but also my diet... I was glad to find someone who was both knowledgeable in proper diet application as well as dental carries. Rami Nagel was able to incorporate both fields, and the knowledge that foods can heal, and recommended me against the root canal procedure. He suggested for me to eat more raw meat, which I have began doing, since then I have zero cases of abscesses. Glad I went against the root canal." - Tim, Student

I Guarantee Your Satisfaction

Each consultation comes with a Satisfaction guarantee: I will refund you 100% of your money any time you feel you did not get value out of your session.

So far, nobody has wanted a refund.

Preparing for a Session

I suggest you read my book before our session, but you do not have to.

You can also right me a short list or paragraph of your goals for the session. Let me know what you need.

Phone Session Disclaimer

As a reminder, I am not a dentist or doctor, and a phone consultation is not intended to replace medical advice. The intention of the consultation is to empower you with truthful thoughts and feelings so you can make the best and most educated health decisions.

Book a Session - E-mail the following:

1) your phone number
2) your time time zone (Mr. Nagel is in California)
3) three possible dates and times for the consultation
4) one paragraph or less of what you would like to accomplish.

E-mail this information to my secretary at:



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