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Traditional Root Canal Treatment vs. Natural Cure (Preventing Endodontic Therapy)

Traditional root canal treatment is called endodontic therapy. It is a tooth lobotomy. There are often alternatives to a root canal, but first, let us look at what a root canal treatment is.

Root Canal "Therapy"

A root canal includes the complete removal of the guts of your tooth. Once the guts are removed, the inside of your tooth is cleaned. I wouldn't call it a therapy really; it is a serious form of surgery.

Root Canal Procedure Step 1 and 2

To your left: you see a typical tooth before a root canal. There is a cavity where the pulp of the tooth is breached, and below the tooth there is a dark pool, representing a tooth infection.

To your right: you see the first step of the root canal procedure, the entire top of the tooth is drilled away, and the tooth pulp is removed.

The Tooth Pulp

Real Tooth Pulp

Above is a picture of someone's removed tooth pulp.

The Pulp Contains:

  1. odontoblasts (tooth forming cells)
  2. other cells including collagen fibres and undifferentiated mesenchymal cells, as well as defense cells like histiocytes, macrophages, granulocytes, mast cells and plasma cells
  3. blood vessels
  4. nerves

So please ask yourself this question? How does removing nerves, blood vessels, and tooth-building cells cure or heal a tooth infection?

Further Stages of Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Procedue part 3 and 4

To your left: The root of the tooth is cleaned out with chemicals and the remaining dental nerve tissues are extracted.

To your right: The final root canaled tooth. The interior of the tooth has been filled with a rubber filling made out of synthetic chemicals. A crown is then placed on the dead tooth.

Help, I need a Root Canal Cure or Alternative

Many people have a natural resistance to root canal treatments. There is a reason for this. The body can feel that a root canal is a serious surgical procedure, that is often unnecessary. It is like trying to eat a piece of moldy food. Once you think of it, there is an immediate revulsion. Likewise, root canals create this immediate revulsion in many people.

Have you heard that root canals may not be good for your health?

Steps towards Avoiding Your Root Canal Treatment

Use this information at your own risk or reward.

#1. Does your tooth hurt?

If it doesn't hurt, you probably do not need a root canal. Get a second opinion from another dentist.

#2. Do you have a tooth infection?

A root canal treatment is supposed to be a cure for a tooth root infection, also known as a dental abscess. Do you have an infection? Is your tooth very painful to bite on? Is there pus or bleeding in your gum? If you answer yes, you probably have a tooth infection. If the answer is no, go see another dentist for another opinion.

#3. If you have pain and infection, then what?

Inflammation and infection is your body's response to two factors. The first is an imbalanced bite. Biting stresses, night grinding, and similar factors put extra stress on the tooth. The second factor is how quickly the tooth can heal. The stresses in your mouth, together with the food you eat, will determine if your tooth can build up healthy tooth enamel, or if it will continue to decay or be in pain.

What to Do Next If You Want to Stop Yourself from Having a Root Canal?

As I said already, the first step is to find another dentist for a second opinion. The next step is to change the food you eat. You can heal and protect your teeth quickly using real foods. Many times, but not always, this will resolve a tooth infection. For tooth infections start with eating some oily fish, or taking some fish or cod liver oil. Take out the following foods until your infection heals: refined sweets (any food that has an added sweet), whole grains, nuts and seeds. These foods contain anti-nutrients that will prevent natural tooth healing.

Learn more about healing your teeth so you can protect them from infection or rebuild them naturally.

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