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Root Canal and Tooth Abscess

An abscess is an infection in your tooth or gum. Some are very painful, and some don't hurt at all.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a lobotomy of your tooth. The nerve and blood supply are removed from your tooth and your tooth is filled with a synthetic material such as gutta percha.

A tooth infection is also known as a tooth or root abscess.

Root Canal Abscess

Tooth With Abscess

There are two types of infections.

One type is a periapical abscess; it occurs from within the tooth pulp. This is shown in the picture.

The other type, a periodontal abscess, occurs from the surrounding tissues and bones.

You can help get a better gauge on understanding if you have a tooth infection by observing the pain and inflammation response in your body.

What Causes a Tooth Infection?

An infection of the pulp within the tooth can only happen when foreign substances find their way into the tooth. An usually foreign material enters into the tooth because you are suffering from the dreaded, tooth decay.

These foreign substances can also come from within the body, such as in the case of dead tissues finding their way to the center of a tooth, or to the area below the root of the tooth. These dead tissues, in certain cases, are not properly dealt with or eliminated by the body, resulting in putrification within or around the tooth. The body tries harder to remove the toxic substances by creating an infection (pus and inflamation).

Another source of tooth infection can be untreated tooth decay, or cracked teeth, which will be a gateway from which an infection can occur in the tooth because foreign substances, such food in your mouth, can directly enter the once-protected tooth pulp tissues.

What Happens to An Infected Tooth?

Through tooth decay, tooth cracks, biting stresses, clenching or from dead decaying bone or tissues, the interior of the tooth, or the area just below the tooth root becomes exposed to an unclean substance.

The body responds to this unclean substance by trying to remove the substance. Pus is a thin protein-rich fluid that the body uses to trap and contain foreign substances.

The body also uses the tool of inflammation and pus to contain and dissolve or remove foreign elements in the tooth or jaw. The body then protects that area by sending pain signals to the rest of the body to make sure that the tooth area is not aggravated by biting or other mechanical stress.

If you have had an infection from a cut, this is the same thing that can happen in your tooth or gum. As with a cut, sometimes special care is needed, and sometimes it can heal on its own if you can eliminate the cause of the toxins, or increase your body's ability to clean up the toxic waste causing the infection.

Root Canals as Infection Treatment

When you have an infection the dentist will suggest a root canal procedure so that he can manually clean out the inflammed area in the tooth. They usually also perscribe anti-biotics. From the people I have talked too, the antibiotics (anti-life) usually does not help the infection.

An infection is a process in your body that has meaning and purpose. Surgically removing an infection should be a last result treatment. Because of the potential risks of root canals, I suggest people take a conservative approach and try to avoid root canals as much as possible.

Herbal Remedies For Tooth Infection

Dietary Remedies For Tooth Infection

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