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Endodontics Sucks
The Interior Out of Your Tooth

Endotonics refers to the field of dental specialists who work inside of your tooth. Endodontists are dentists who perform root canals. The root canal procedure was invented in order to provide an alternative to tooth extractions.

But today endodontic therapy, i.e. root canals, is a much overused procedure. Most of the time, endodontic therapy is not really necessary.

The Root Canal Procedure

The endodontic therapist (dentist) removes the inner layer of your tooth, the pulp. The reason why they do this is to remove bacteria. In my opinion, removing the inside of the tooth and leaving in the mouth is not a good idea unless the tooth is already dead. That means that the pulp is decaying, the nerve does not function, and there is no more blood supply to the tooth.

Tools of the Endodontist

Removing the inside of the tooth with root canal therapy does not cure the infection and save the tooth as dentistry usually claims. In the extreme cases, root canals let you keep a damaged tooth longer. But in most cases, the root canal procedure itself is highly damaging to your tooth.

Endodontic Therapy Now Based On False Principals

From what I have heard, most root canal procedures are not really necessary. Just because your tooth hurts, or there is some inflammation around the tooth, does not mean that best thing to do for it is to rush and have the inside of your tooth removed. My recommendation when faced with a root canal is to change your diet as outlined in the book, Cure Tooth Decay, and to seek a second opinion from a holistic dentist. Usually a tooth perscribed with a root canal will do fine with a larger filling made with biocompatible material.

If you ever go to a dentist with a small hole in your tooth, or with tooth pain, the dentist will want to preform some type of procedure.

The Pain of Root Canals

What the dentist does is drill into the pulp chamber and remove the infected pulp and then drills the nerve out with long needle-shaped drills. After this is done, the dentist fills each of the root canals and the chamber with gutta-percha. This material is not necessarily inert, and may react negatively to some people's body's. Also, over time, the gutta percha can contract and leave tiny spaces for toxic substances trapped into the tooth to drain into your bloodstream.

That is it on endodontics for now. :)

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Cure Tooth Decay

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