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The Miracle of Healing Tooth Decay, Saves Patti's Health

Dear Ramiel,

My teeth went through so much trauma after a dental cleaning where the hygentist pushed so had on my tooth that she broke the root of my capped tooth and I had to have my front tooth out. I got extremely ill for six weeks before they pulled the tooth, lost eigght pounds and ended up having trouble with my heart and with my breathing. Then, the rest of my front teeth started decayed, turned grey and translucent. I looked and felt the worst I ever had in 40 years.

I went on line to find information on how to heal tooth decay naturally and I found the miracle of your book and the information you provide on line. I immediately followed the principles on your book for since Septemer 20th and its now Oct 25th. In those few short weeks, my teeth turned around dramaticially. They became thick and hard and yellow and white from grey and thin and really weak . I wish my digital camera took better close-up photos because the difference was remarkable. My teeth went from weak and thin to feeling and looking strong, yellow and now they are getting whiter from the gum line down. It's been like watching something grow right before your eyes. I was so emaciated and sickly looking but since these diet changes my figure came back and my muscle tone is stronger than ten years ago.

I am so grateful to this author for getting the information out there. I've tried to tell everyone I kow about this book since it helps people in so many ways. For the small investment I made in time and money to get the book and read it, I have results that are life changing and have given me hope for my dental and physical help for the rest of my life.
Thank you for making this your life's work.

Cure Tooth Decay

I purchased your book about a year ago and found it fascinating and encouraging. I am glad to learn of evidence that teeth which have suffered decay hae the potential to heal over and remineralize to the point of avoiding extraction, root canals or other invasive treatments. Pete N.

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The protocol in this book isvery effective fr preventing and mineralizing cavities.
Timothy Gallgher, DDS, Past President Holistic Dental Association

"Not only is Cure Tooth Decay a practical guide to teach parents how to raise healthy children (with healthy teeth), it is also a helpfull tool for adults who have suffered with poor dental health and/or chronic disease. I would also highly recommend this book to people who are looking for things they can do to protect their bones, and their overall health, as they age. In other words, this book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health." Pam Killeen New York Times nestselling Author

"My cavity has gotten smaller!" - Ranko, Croatia

"The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Hallelujah brother!!!"Very satisfied, Mike - Ashland, OR