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Natasha's Gums Saved From Pain, Infection and Swelling

Dear Dr Nagel

Thank you for your book, and research into alternative dental health options.

Same story - different patient...

Over 50 - after menopause - my dental work is all falling "out" due to hormonal changes (so says my dentist). Lost most of the old merc-silver, and had much more removed - ran out of $$$.

Scared of the dentist from years of very poorly managed and executed dental practices while very young - poor diet, smoking, coffee, the lot - well, I wanted your book to solve immediate issues of pain, infection and swelling of my gums...

I bought your book, downloaded and began to read.

Did it have answers for me?


Within hours of applying the pain relief recommendations etc, I was at a tolerable pain level. After a good night's rest, I made sure to avoid ALL the foods that would exacerbate the sensitivity and that was my first, of now many, PAIN-FREE DAYS...

I used the coll. silver and eliminated the gum line infection, swelling and pain, there, too!

After 10 days I switched over to the herbs you recommend - and am now almost done with that 10 day course of application ... my gums look incredible - feel stronger, healthier...

The raw milk products are a "bit" to get used to, the taste is very different than my palate can handle, as if I used it like I use my "regular" butters and milk - they are somewhat expensive and hard to find, in my area. You say that "regular" organic, whole milk, cottage cheese and cheeses will still provide me the benefits your diet promised of increased health of both my gums and teeth - I'm well into the program and showing true signs of incredible healing...

My dentist wanted to do surgery on the gums - you SAVED ME from this horrible operation!

THANKS - once again - for exploring these alternatives and continuing to keep in touch through your great emails and videos!!!

All the best
Natasha B.

Cure Tooth Decay

I purchased your book about a year ago and found it fascinating and encouraging. I am glad to learn of evidence that teeth which have suffered decay hae the potential to heal over and remineralize to the point of avoiding extraction, root canals or other invasive treatments. Pete N.

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The protocol in this book isvery effective fr preventing and mineralizing cavities.
Timothy Gallgher, DDS, Past President Holistic Dental Association

"Not only is Cure Tooth Decay a practical guide to teach parents how to raise healthy children (with healthy teeth), it is also a helpfull tool for adults who have suffered with poor dental health and/or chronic disease. I would also highly recommend this book to people who are looking for things they can do to protect their bones, and their overall health, as they age. In other words, this book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health." Pam Killeen New York Times nestselling Author

"My cavity has gotten smaller!" - Ranko, Croatia

"The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Hallelujah brother!!!"Very satisfied, Mike - Ashland, OR