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Hi Ramiel,

Here is my story.

After years of going to the dentist, when I had insurance, and thinking the guy was a friend I asked if there was some way that he could fix up my teeth and I could set up a payment schedule. My neighbor works for him so she did the asking for me. I didn't even get a reply. Great people aye?

I was so upset that I typed in how to cure cavities in Startpage. Up came your book and I started my plan.

Even though I couldn't take everything you suggested I got off the sugar and bad grains. I took the Green Pastures cod/butter oil cinnamon mix and after two weeks I could see the tooth healing. There was a big cavity in my front tooth. It's almost completely covered over and my entire mouth is no longer sore. I've had one bottle that lasted 44 days at 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

I've also had Atrial Fibrillation, a heart problem, for years. I just saw the doctor and he said my heart is beating normal. He is very interested in your book and his nurse wrote down the info on your book.

I just got a source for raw milk and I'm completely off my meds. I haven't felt this good in a long time. Lots of energy.

Thank you so much and I say prayers for you and family.

P.S. Don't tell me things don't happen for a reason. Just think if the dentist would have said yes.

Cure Tooth Decay

I purchased your book about a year ago and found it fascinating and encouraging. I am glad to learn of evidence that teeth which have suffered decay hae the potential to heal over and remineralize to the point of avoiding extraction, root canals or other invasive treatments. Pete N.

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The protocol in this book isvery effective fr preventing and mineralizing cavities.
Timothy Gallgher, DDS, Past President Holistic Dental Association

"Not only is Cure Tooth Decay a practical guide to teach parents how to raise healthy children (with healthy teeth), it is also a helpfull tool for adults who have suffered with poor dental health and/or chronic disease. I would also highly recommend this book to people who are looking for things they can do to protect their bones, and their overall health, as they age. In other words, this book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health." Pam Killeen New York Times nestselling Author

"My cavity has gotten smaller!" - Ranko, Croatia

"The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Hallelujah brother!!!"Very satisfied, Mike - Ashland, OR