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Can I save this tooth from a root canal?

Question:   I have been following your diet for about three 1/2 weeks now trying to avoid a root canal on tooth on the upper right. My dentist had found deep decay under my inlay. The drilling made the tooth extremely sensitive. Three days later, my dentist put me on penicillin and sent me to a specialist, because he thought he saw an abscess on the tip of one of the roots (This molar happens to have four roots). The specialist said that the tooth was still alive and gave me the option to do a root canal to get me out of pain or to wait and see.

He said sometimes after a lot of drilling the tooth becomes inflamed and as in my case becomes sore to pressure, cold and heat. He told me to take an anti inflammatory. I also went to an acupuncturist and took homeopathic remedies. After a while, I did not feel the sharp shoots going up into my head, but now my pallet is very tender to the touch. I feel it throbbing when I do exercise and it still a little sensitive to hot and cold. I am wondering what is causing my pallet to be soar to pressure. Could it be a huge abscess?

My question  is ,"Will your diet be able to heal my tooth or should I get a root canal because once the tooth is dead an abscess will more likely happen no matter what diet I eat (after all, a dead tooth is seen as a foreign object that my body will try to get rid off). I am also worried that your diet does not give me enough vitamins because of such very little fresh fruit.  

Answer: Your body heals your tooth when it feels it has enough balance. Under the care of your dental specialist it seems worthwhile to me to try to save the tooth from a root canal. A root canal would turn your tooth into a dead tooth.

Dentists use drills that rotate up to 350,000 times per minute. At those high speeds, the tooth nerve can be damaged in 60% or more of the cases. Even if the drill is a slower speed drill, clearly your tooth nerve has been injured from the dental drill.

It really sounds like your body is in a healing response. What you feel is a huge abscess, could be your body forming clots and creating scabs inside to heal up the damage to the tooth. I would recommend taking it easy for a little while. Doing light exercise. Also regarding minimal or no fruit consumption. This is a guideline that is temporary to help you save your tooth. When your tooth is better then eat the amount of fruit that you want. However in my opinion too much fruit is not good for anyone. You can get plenty of minerals from vegetables.

The dental specialist seems to have given you fairly good advice. He should be able to tell you if you have a huge infection. But your body also needs a chance to heal. Make sure to have plenty of probiotic rich foods to help replenish your digestive flora, like sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt.

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