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White flour consumption vs. unbleached flour. What grains are healthy?

Question: Can you please clarify your recommendation regarding white flour. in one place it is said it has detrimental effects, in other place it is recommended to buy unbleached unenriched flour. How do you solve this controversy?

Answer: The way to prepare healthy grains is to prepare them the same way they have been prepared for thousands of years. A way that we no for certain does not produce tooth decay or other diseases. So each grain requires a different preparation method. White flour is toxic. The key to making grains healthy is in the preparation method.

I do not recommend you buy or consume unbleached flour. If someone wants to eat flour, and does not have much time, then unbleached flour will be better than other alternatives.

Question: Does this contradict to the basic principles of Weston Price?

Answer: Yes this does contradict what Weston Price said in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. If you are referring to the Weston Price foundation, at the last conference numerous speakers advocated avoiding grains entirely. I do not really advocate this, although it will benefit some people. Although the foundation says to eat whole grains, I think that that statement needs to be made more clearly so that people avoid consuming too many grain toxins.

Question: Is soured (with whey or starter) semolina flour ok at active tooth decay stage and in general?

Answer: It is impossible for me to know if this will contribute to your cavities or not. Semolina is an unbleached flour so that makes it low in anti-calcifying properties. You would want to sour it with warmth, and preferably a starter.

Question: In order for wheat to be safe to eat, should it be freshly stone ground only or sprouted->dried->freshly milled?

Answer: I am not sure if sprouting is a necessary step. To make wheat safe to eat I recommend.

  1. Freshly ground (sprouting before grinding may be a good idea)
  2. Sifting (remove 25% of the wheat through a fine mesh screen, discard that bran and germ)
  3. Souring that includes warmth and preferably a starter or less preferably yeast. Sour at least 16 hours. The bread should be very well kneaded.
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