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You've probably been told that cavities are as inevitable as death and taxes. But did you know that there existed a dentist by the name of Weston Price who cured 95% or more of his patients cavities naturally with food?

With you FREE chapter of "Cure Tooth Decay," and informative video presentation you will learn why dentistry has it all wrong. You will learn the truth about how high speed drilling damages teeth. And how mercury fillings have destroyed healthy tooth substance.

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Bonus, 27 lessons related to healing teeth.

  1. I Want You To Learn How To Have Healthy Teeth Naturally
  2. What Can Be Worse than Sugar for Your Teeth?
  3. Heal Cavities Radio Interview
  4. How to Find The Best Dentist
  5. Gum Disease Natural Remedy
  6. Tooth Decay Fighting Television Segment
  7. G.P.’s Perfect Teeth Without Brushing
  8. Is Your Tooth Paste Toxic?
  9. Remineralize Cavities with Cholesterol
  10. Vitamin D Remineralizes Your Teeth Part 1
  11. Vitamin D Remineralizes Your Teeth Part 2
  12. Why Ancient Skulls Have All Of Their Teeth
  13. Keeping Children and Their Teeth Healthy
  14. Tasty Snacks To Balance Blood Sugar
  15. The Secret to The Town Without A Toothache
  16. Heal Cavities With Nutrition Recent Interview
  17. 5 Easy Tips To Avoid Cavities
  18. Reduce Cavities By 41.75%
  19. More about Toothpaste Toxins
  20. 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Cavities
  21. Tasty Snack to Balance Blood Sugar
  22. Chicken Soup Can Save Your Teeth
  23. Acid / Alkaline Foods and Teeth
  24. Keep Your Wisdom Teeth
  25. How Maria Healed Her Cavities
  26. Meet Weston Price
  27. How Mike Healed His Cavities

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Valuable Free Chapter
+ 27 Free Bonus Lessons

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